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Amazing Pineapple Green Juice Recipe

with detailed pineapple juicing guide

Time To Prep

5 Minutes

Juice Benefits

Nutrient Boost

Key Vitamins

Vitamins A & C

vegan pineapple green juice recipe

Vegan Pineapple green juice

By: Vegan Agility Team Last updated: December 5, 2020

Pineapples are no doubt one of the most delicious fruits on the planet that’s why we put together this delicious pineapple green juice recipe with flavors that are tasty enough to make even the most bitter greens taste like a drink sent down from heaven. 

It’s rare that my kitchen isn’t stocked up with a fresh pineapple since its one of my favorite ways to add a much-needed tastebud boost to some of my regular healthy, yet not so tasty juices. 

Greens tend to fall into this category. Favorites like kale, spinach, and beet greens are magnificent for juicing but sometimes leave much to be desired in the flavor department. 

This is where the tantalizing pineapple green juice comes in, allowing you to reap all the wonderful nutritional benefits of greens with the delicious tongue-tingling flavors of tropical pineapples. 

Pineapples are more than just pleasurable for the tastebuds. They are also loaded with beneficial nutrients which when combined with the superfood benefits of greens, creates a juice that has the power to turn you into a marvel superhero…. or so I would like to believe 🙂

Pineapple green juice recipe ingredients and benefits



  • Spinach, the first leafy green in this delicious recipe, adds some much needed vitamin A which is excellent for preserving eye health and preventing macular degeneration
  • Spinach is also loaded with vitamin K, which is great for your bones and has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis.


  • Kale may not agree with everyone’s tastebuds, but its nutritional profile is so outstanding that you would be doing a disservice to yourself if it wasn’t included in your juices. Kale is one of the best leafy greens to juice and is packed with iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, which are all essential nutrients needed to retain healthy nutritional balance in any diet you are on. 


  • The addition of mint helps to add a soothing effect to the pineapple green juice recipe. Mint has been shown to aid in digestion, which should help you absorb the nutrients in this pineapple juice more efficiently. Mint is also excellent for preventing inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kitchen tools

Slow juicer

Since this pineapple juice combines kale and spinach with fruit, you will need a juicer that can squeeze out the goodness from delicate leaves without destroying the nutrients. The best juicer for leafy greens is a slow masticating juicer since it can extract the nutrients from greens without causing a breakdown of nutrients through oxidation.  Our current favorite is the Omega vsj843 since it handles both pineapple and leafy greens amazingly well with a very high juice yield.

Fast centrifugal juicers are usually not recommended since they struggle with leafy greens, especially spinach. The fast-spinning blades in centrifugal juicers waste a lot of produce, and can also cause unwanted nutrient breakdown due to oxidation and high temperatures exerted from the motor when rotating. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I make this pineapple green juice recipe with a blender?

If you don’t have a good slow, cold-pressed juicer for efficient green juice extraction like the Tribest or Omega then a high-powered blender is a sufficient alternative. Bare in mind blending will turn this recipe into a pineapple green smoothie instead of a pineapple green juice. The best blenders for green smoothies will have a power output above 1000w, which is required to blend the leafy greens into the pineapple smoothly without leaving unwanted bits. Our favorite two blenders for this pineapple green smoothie recipe are the Vitamix 750 or the Ninja BL770 since they break down greens with ease and are straightforward to clean. 

If you would prefer for your blended pineapple green smoothie to be more like a juice, you can filter the blended fruits and vegetables through a sieve until you get the consistency you like.

Can I juice and store for later?

After juicing, it is recommended to drink right away to consume all the nutrients while they are fresh. As more time goes on the freshly juiced fruits and vegetables will start to lose nutrient quality due to oxidation. This can be prevented to some degree by storing in a vacuum-sealed bottle and placing it in the fridge. 

Can I drink pineapple green juice every day?

Yes, our pineapple green juice works fantastically as a daily drink. The caloric content of the juice is relatively low, but always stay aware of your recommended daily caloric limits to ensure you don’t surpass them. The recommended daily calorie intake for women is 2000kcal a day and 2500kcal a day for men.

Is it better to drink this pineapple green juice in the morning or night?

This pineapple green juice is perfect for a morning nutrient energy boost to get your day off to a brilliant start.

pineapple green juice recipe

Pineapple green juice recipe

Mouth-watering pineapple green juice recipe with beneficial nutrients
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Drinks
Cuisine: Vegan juice
Keyword: greens, Juices, pineapple
Servings: 2


  • 1 pineapple
  • 50 grams spinach
  • 100 grams kale
  • 10 mint leaves


  • Slow juicer


  • Choose a ripe, fresh pineapple as the base of your pineapple green juice. A pineapple's freshness can be determined by the smell, which should be pleasing to the nose with that "pineappley" freshness we all know and love. The leaves are another strong signal in picking the right pineapple. Bright green leaves are a strong signal of a fresh and ripe pineapple.
  • Cut the pineapple skin. Two ways to do this. You can either leave the leaves on top as a way to hold on to the pineapple as you cut the skin around it. Alternatively, you can cut the whole top off and use your hand as a clamp to keep the pineapple firmly down as you slice.
    Vegan agility tip: Leave the base of the pineapple on as it prevents the pineapple from sliding when you peel the pineapple skin.
  • Once the skin is off, you can remove the "eye holes" if you so choose. We prefer to leave them on since this can be a time consuming process.
  • Remove the base of the pineapple and chop your pineapple into chunks small enough to fit into your juicers feed chute
  • Cut your apple into chunks small enough to fit through your juices feed chute while removing the core and seeds. Leave the skin on since its full of essential nutrients.
  • Wash your spinach, kale, and mint leaves and have them ready to go.
  • Begin juicing: When using a slow cold-pressed juicer, it is usually a good idea to alternate between hard and soft ingredients to allow for a smoother juicing process without any clogging or jamming. In this case, it would be best to alternate with leafy green > pineapple > apple and repeat the process until juicing is completed
  • Serve up your delicious super pineapple green juice and feel energized and refreshed throughout the rest of your day. And who knows, you may end up with new superpowers you never knew you had before 🙂

Key nutrients

Calories: 260kcal | Carbohydrates: 65g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 45mg | Potassium: 907mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 45g | Vitamin A: 7814IU | Vitamin B6: 1mg | Vitamin C: 285mg | Vitamin E: 1mg | Vitamin K: 476µg | Calcium: 171mg | Iron: 3mg | Magnesium: 102mg | Zinc: 1mg

The nutritional information provided is approximate and can vary depending on your ingredients and tools.

Do you want more delicious plant-based recipes for your health journey?

Why not try out some of our alternative pineapple juice recipes that use a blend of different fruits and vegetables to achieve a delicious yet healthy result. These recipes allow you to get a bit creative with your pineapple juicing while adding extra nutritional benefits that enhance the overall juice result.

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