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Best Portable Blender for travel

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Patricia Garcia , Last updated: December 6, 2020

Modern Comfort

Blender x portable

Best portable blender for ice
More powerful than the average portable blender

USB Portable Blender

Light weight portable blender
Compact design for easy carrying

Portable blender

Quiet blending
Great value

We all know that trying to stay healthy while on the go can be a tough task.
Meal prepping in advance, trying to resist the urge to spend money at your favorite smoothie joint, requires dis.cipline.

And sometimes it’s hard not to cave-in to the shiny advertisements.
A quality portable blender can be an excellent solution, helping you stay on track with your health goals and save you money in the long run.
Unfortunately, the same shiny ads used in food marketing can be seen in the field of blenders, making it a struggle to pick a blender that’s worth your money.

To help you find the perfect tool for your needs, we have researched and analyzed the top portable travel blenders available and picked out only the best of the best.

best portable blender

In this article, we will show you:

  • The exact details of what makes a quality portable travel blender
  • The top 3 portable USB blenders and the top 3 portable corded blenders
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions related to portable travel blenders
  • and give some insightful tips for blending while traveling

The concept of a portable blender is not something that many know is even a possibility. What usually comes to mind is lugging around a heavy piece of machinery that feels like a ton of bricks, which also ends up being a significant workout in and of itself. But nowadays, there are blenders small enough to fit in your car cup holder and light enough to throw into your rucksack before heading to the gym. These aspects make it easier than ever before to stay healthy and focused without too much effort.

Best portable blenders for travel at a glance:

In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Portable Blenders For Travel

1. Modern Comfort BlenderX Cordless – Editor’s Choice


Power: 260 watts

Speed: 1 speed automatic blending

Jug capacity: 20 ounces

Warranty:2 year warranty

Dimensions: 10.87 x 10.39 x 7.56 inches

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The ModernComfort Blender X can successfully achieve what the average portable blender struggles with, and that’s crushing ice and blending harder foods like frozen fruit. The higher power output and sturdy blades can create smooth protein shakes and fruit smoothies with ease, making this a brilliant tool for your early morning protein shake or energy juice.

It comes with a 20oz travel cup, a durable travel bag, and an “on the go” travel lid, making it easy just to blend, mix, and be off to complete the tasks for the day.

The BlenderX dimensions allow it to work sufficiently as a kitchen blender as well as a portable blender. It’s the largest on our list by width but slightly smaller than the Cuisinart CPB 300 by height, hitting a wonderful balance between size, power, and portability. Being the second-largest blender on our list, we wouldn’t recommend this blender for going on holiday, but its a brilliant option when going to the gym, visiting friends and family, or when traveling on a local weekend getaway.

The Blender X is the most powerful rechargeable blender on our list and is the only portable travel blender that we are comfortable making smoothies that include nuts, ice, and frozen fruits without worrying about a motor burn out. It comes with an extended 2-year warranty, which adds credibility and reassurance to your purchase.

The ModernComfort portable Blender X is one of the best kitchen appliances for any user who wants a powerful yet portable compact smoothie blender where ingredients aren’t limited to simply powders and soft fruits. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in any kitchen, which is excellent if you have limited space and comes with a handy travel bag for when you want to blend on the go. The ModernComfort blender takes our editors choice top spot for best portable blender in 2020.

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Why we love it
Best portable blender for crushing ice
More powerful than the average portable blender
Long battery life
things to be aware of
Slightly larger than the average USB blender

2. Popbaies USB Blender – Best portable USB blender


Power: 175 watts Rechargeable Battery: 4000mAh

Speed: 22000 rpm±15%

Jug capacity: 17 ounces

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 3.2×3.2×10.2 inches

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The Popbabies brand have done a magnificent job of mixing power with blending efficiency in a tiny package. This compact blender comes with USB charging capabilities, a 175w motor, and stainless steel blades that rotate at 20,000rpm, making it the fastest USB blender out of our top picks.  

The Popbabies is also the most powerful USB blender on our list but remains quiet while blending, which is great for when you want to blend discreetly. 

It is one of the lightest blenders on our list, second only to the QSC, with a weight difference of 0.1lbs. The lightweight of this blender makes it easy to throw in your gym bag or backpack before heading out. 

The USB chargeable element is one of the main features that make a travel blender stand out, and the Popbabies excels in this category with one of the longest battery lifespans. Take note that the Popbabies blender seems to only use the old USB-C cord, so if carrying a spare USB cord while traveling, make sure you take the correct type.

A significant positive is the ability to blend while charging, which is excellent for the times when you forget to charge the battery. 

It comes with the most accessories out of all the USB charged portable blenders with a convenient mini ice cube tray and funnel. The funnel comes in very handy since it can be hard to get powders into the bottle without making a complete mess, so this solves that issue.
Really easy to clean since the same button allows for auto blends can also be used to clean the inside when you are finished simply by adding soap and water. There is also a handy hidden safety switch on the base to prevent your batteries from draining quickly.


The Popbabies portable small blender excels with efficient power, speed, and USB charging ability makes it one of the best travel blenders out there. The compact size of this USB blender makes it exceptional for any traveler wanting to avoid cords or even just for the regular gym-goer who wants to blend a protein shake after an intense session. With 175w watts of power and 22000 spin speed, coupled with the most accessories out of any travel blender, it’s quite easy to see why this holds the number one spot for portable USB travel blenders.

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Why we love it
Light weight portable blender
Compact design for easy carrying
Built-in safety features
things to be aware of
Not made for leafy greens

3. G-Ting Portable Blender – Best budget-friendly portable blender


Power: 150 watts, 3000mAh rechargeable built-in battery

Speed: 16500 rpm±15%

Jug capacity: 450ml

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 2.8*2.8*10.2 inch

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The G-Ting portable USB blender is another excellent travel blender with a significant number of positive user reviews.
It comes with a 150w motor, that allows the G-ting to effectively blend most light ingredients into a smooth shake with ease, but nuts and large ice should be avoided.

With a sleek and stylish design in either silver or white, the g ting blender exudes style normally seen in the more expensive blenders. Stainless steel 6-pronged blades are housed at the jar base and can rotate at speeds of up to 16500rpm±15%, making blending fruits and powders a breeze. It’s slightly slower than the Popbabies USB blender but sufficient enough to deal with simple ingredients, providing you don’t overfill the 17oz travel cup.

The blender comes with a built-in safety feature requiring you to hold the button for 3 seconds to activate, and once the blender jar is detached, another safety feature prevents the blades from being able to spin. These functions will give confidence when using the product and also save you from accidentally blending while traveling. There is also a safety power switch found at the bottom of the blender, which preserves and protects the battery, helping your blender last longer.

The G-Ting blender’s USB capabilities allow for around 15-20 blends for every 2-5 hour USB charge. This means you can charge your blender at the beginning of the week and take it with you wherever you need to go for the week without worrying about the battery dying. Fortunately, if the battery does die, you can recharge with your nearest phone or laptop charger.


This brilliant small blender would be great to take on holidays, making it easy for you to maintain your current health regime. Whether it be a protein shake or light smoothie in the morning, the G-Ting Portable blender is an exceptional tool for the job. With its USB charging capabilities 450ml cup and slick design, it currently holds our recommendation for the best portable travel blender for the gym.

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Why we love it
Quiet blending
Great for the gym
Sleek design
things to be aware of
Not made for ice or big leafy greens

4. Cuisinart CPB 300 – Best portable blender for groups


Power: 350 watts

Speed: 23500 rpm

Jug capacity: 8-32 ounces

Warranty:Limited 3-year warranty

Dimensions: 10.12 x 15.75 x 10 inches

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The Cuisinart CPB 300 is one of the oldest portable blenders on our list but still pulling its weight due to reliability and an extensive range of accessories.

The CPB300 is powered by a 350watt motor, which is reasonably powerful for a blender of its size, only losing out to the Vitamix-S30, so it allows most ingredients to be broken down as long as there is enough liquid. Some users have reported the blades getting stuck when using nuts, so try to avoid or use hard ingredients sparingly. The stainless steel blades are quite durable and get the job done effectively for fruits, but If icy shakes with frozen fruit are your go-to drink, then the Vitamix s30 is a better choice for your needs.

It comes with many accessories for a portable blender, which some may find excessive. There are 4 16 oz travel cups plus a jar with chopping blade to slice up other ingredients before blending, which is extremely useful.

The Cuisinart blender comes with an intuitive interface with simple high, low, and pulse buttons. You will also find a standby mode and an auto-stop feature, which are excellent for efficient energy usage and saving money on your electricity bill.

One small feature we think is very helpful are the clear measurement lines on the blender cups. Seeing these clearly is a great time-saving feature preventing the need to measure out liquids in a separate container before blending.


Overall the Cuisinart CPB 300 is great for those who want a variety of blending options in a compact package. It comes with the most accessories and the biggest jar option making this the perfect portable blender for groups.

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Why we love it
High power output for versatile blending
Multiple jug sizes
Great for serving multiple people
things to be aware of
It is not cordless

5. Diwenhouse Portable Blender – Best portable glass blender


Power: USB Rechargeable battery: 4000mAh

Speed: 15000-25,000

Jug capacity: 16 ounces

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 3.27 x 3.27 x 10.04 inches

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The Diwenhouse Portable Blender USB is one of the best looking portable USB blenders available, with its glass jug and sleek design, it’s the best choice for any traveler who is conscious about BPA contamination. 

The power is surprisingly strong for this little machine, but be careful not to load up too many ingredients when blending since this can cause the blender to jam. The 4000amh batteries will last around a week with 1-2 times daily usage. So for those planning a little getaway or health retreat, this blender may survive your whole trip without needing to recharge. Recharging only requires a USB wire, so no need to worry about plug sockets or converters.

We recommend to use tough ingredients like large ice very sparingly, and if you choose to blend seeds or nuts, soak them the night before, which will soften them for smoother blends. 

The functionality is straightforward with one button that you hold to start, which, when active, can spin up between 15000-25000rpm and can also be used to make the glass travel blender easy to clean. We found the six blades and rotational speed enough to blend most fruits and protein powders efficiently.

The Diwenhouse Portable Blender comes with six stainless steel blades housed in a reasonably sized cup that can hold up to 16oz. The cup size of this USB travel blender sits comfortably in the middle between all our top choices. The jug is made of high borosilicate glass, meaning it has a higher resistance to thermal shock and is overall more durable than regular glass.

Although the glass can handle higher temperatures, it is not made for hot liquids making the Diwenhouse portable blender great for your cold shakes but suboptimal for hot tea blends or soups.


Overall the Diwenhouse is one of the best glass portable blenders around, perfect for those who want smoothies on the go, in a beautifully designed glass exterior without the worry of any contamination from plastic. The extra metal reusable straws are a great added bonus to prevent the use of unnecessary plastic, helping you play a small part in helping the planet.

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Why we love it
BPA-free glass blender
Stylish design
Excellent value
things to be aware of
More fragile due to glass jar

Portable Blender Buyers Guide

Advantages of a portable blender

The main benefit which is of no surprise is that they are portable with lithium batteries used as a power source. The lithium battery will allow you to blend healthy food anywhere without the need for wires. The variety available in 2020 means there are blenders compact enough to travel with and light enough to go unnoticed in your workout bag, all while running off a USB rechargeable battery.

So even if you were in a tiny coffee shop in the middle of a new city, you could use the USB port on your laptop as your USB charger. 

Portable blenders are pretty perfect for workout days. When the strenuous session is over, and your body is craving a protein shake to replenish and recover, you can blend right on the spot with a simple button press. 

No need to spend a ton on expensive premade protein shakes behind the gym counter or on overpriced fruit smoothies at your local trendy juice bar. You can save your cash and be much healthier for it.

Another great benefit of having a portable blender is being able to drink your smoothies or juices instantly, effectively having a compact travel smoothie maker with you 24/7. When fruit and vegetables are blended, it’s best to drink them immediately since the nutrition gradually decreases due to oxidation. Hence, a portable blender allows you to get the most out of your favorite fruits.

Main benefits of a portable blender

  • Control and versatility with your nutrition options
  • Save money by blending on the go
  • Maintain your nutrition regime and calorie amounts
  • Help make reaching your fitness goals easier
  • Great for the times when your getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and are backpacking through the mountains or rain forests camping or festivals

One thing to bear in mind with most portable blenders is that their motor power will be less than the countertop blenders that you will find on a kitchen top or behind a shop counter. 

Due to the lower motor power output, the number of ingredients that can be blended smoothly is slightly limited, especially firm ingredients like nuts and ice. Therefore it’s best to be conscious of the limitations and keep tougher ingredients to a minimum. 

Main features to look for in the best portable blenders


Motor power is a crucial aspect to any blender, and with the portable variety, its no exception. Since portable travel blenders need to stay compact and light, the power that can be added without increasing the size and weight is limited.

The amount of power a blender has relative to the size of the jug will let you know whether you should use soft or hard ingredients. For most USB blenders, the motor power ranges between 125 and 200, but they are the most compact. Ingredients should be limited to fruit and powders with tiny ice cubes. For the corded portable blender, the power ranges from 300 to high 700s at the premium end. The higher-powered portable blenders can handle most ingredients, providing you add enough liquid, but for the lower-powered portable blenders, we advise to exercise caution with tougher ingredients.

Corded vs USB portable blender

With advances in technology, we now have the option to have a completely cordless blender powered by USB. The USB blenders on a full charge tend to last about a week if blending once or twice a day. The long battery life is great for those who love to travel since you can throw this in your luggage and blend wherever you choose to go. 

The main downside to a USB blender is power. There are only so many watts that a battery is able to push out in comparison to a corded blender that can run through the mains. This means that you have to be more careful with the things you blend, so fruit, soft veg, and protein shakes are the go-to things to blend. If you like nuts in your shakes, we advise you to soak them overnight and add them sparingly. 

The corded option is another choice for those who want a portable blender that is compact but has slightly more oomph to it. The corded portable blender is usually slightly heavier with bigger dimensions, so USB blenders may be a better choice if international travel is your forte.  

But if your traveling to a friend’s house or using it at work, then the corded blender is a great option. They usually come with a conveniently discreet section to wrap the cord around the base, keeping everything neat and compact.

Speed and controls

The speed that the blender can exert will determine how smooth your shakes will be, and the more control you have over the speed, the more you can tweak the texture of your blends to your liking. 

All of the USB rechargeable blenders come with one speed setting with speeds ranging from 16500 rpm on the lower end to 25000 rpm on the higher end. If choosing to use a USB blender, you should take note of the types of food you like to blend and make sure your chosen blender can handle those ingredients.

Corded travel blenders tend to have much more speed options, with most also including a pulse button. The pulse button gives you the ability to add a powerful boost when blending for the harder ingredients. 

Cup & Accessories

Portable travel blenders are predominantly single-serving devices. 

The average USB rechargeable blender has a jug capacity of 14-17oz. In contrast, the corded travel blenders can reach amounts between 20-40oz.

If you are blending solely for yourself, then a USB rechargeable blender is excellent, but if it’s for multiple people, then a portable corded blender with a cup size above 20oz is a must.

 For those who regularly use protein shakes, a lightweight cup with a sippable lid cover is a handy extra component.

Another thing to consider when selecting a blender is the material of the blender jug.

Plastic is the go-to option in most cases since it can handle higher power and tougher ingredients. Always make sure the plastic is BPA-free 

For those who want to avoid any chance of chemical leakage from BPA, a portable glass blender is an excellent option. Glass brings with it a premium feel and more longevity. The downside to a glass jar is generally a lower power output and higher fragility. 

Size weight and dimensions- How compact is it?

One of the most important factors for judging a high-quality portable blender is the size and weight. You do not want to be carrying around a blender that feels like you carrying a boulder in your bag, so making sure its light and compact is crucial. 

The best travel blender will weigh around 1-1.5 lbs for a USB blender, which is perfect for traveling far distances. 

The average corded blender has an average weight of 2.5lbs on the very light end to 6lbs on the heavier end (which is still considerably light). 

The smaller the dimensions, the easier it is to carry, but we also want the blender to be large enough to make a reasonably sized shake. So the best travel blenders will hit a delicate balance between weight and sufficient cup capacity.

Ease of Use & Convenience

All the portable blenders we reviewed were extremely easy to use, especially the rechargeable ones. The USB blender all had one button for turning on and blending with an automatic stop after a specific time. Our top picks also came with a safety switch, which prevented accidental blending while traveling and also preserved the battery life, making them perfect for travel.

The corded portable blenders had a few extra buttons but have a simple enough user interface that becomes an intuitive and straightforward process after the first session of blending.

One of the most significant stresses when it comes to blending is cleaning up. No one wants to spend unnecessary time cleaning up, and the great thing about our chosen blenders is that they are all easy to clean. The USB blenders can be rinsed out relatively quickly due to the size. For a more in-depth clean, you can throw in some washing up liquid and warm water and press the blend button to break down hardened ingredients. 

With corded blenders being slightly larger, you may think they are harder to clean, but they ended up being just as easy. Our top picks were also dishwasher safe, giving you the ability to wash with the rest of your dishes.

We always recommend rinsing your blenders immediately after use or leaving to soak, prevent any residue from solidifying on the interior.


The last thing to look out for but also one of the most important is the warranty. Pay attention to how long you get in comparison to how much you are paying for the blender. Our top picks hit a great balance between value and warranty length so the price should justify the longevity. The average USB blender’s warranty was between 1-2 years. In contrast, the corded portable blenders ranged from 2 years to a high 5years from the Vitamix s30.

Tips for blending and traveling

  • The blade components should be checked in with your heavier luggage rather than taken on board with your hand luggage
  • Pack an adapter suitable for the country you are traveling to
  • Something soft to keep the blender protected while traveling, like a padded bag or towel
  • Pack an extra USB cable for rechargeable blenders
  • Ensure the safety switch is on to prevent it from blending while transporting.


The best portable travel blender will hit a perfect balance between size, weight, and power. It is best to know what types of foods you like to blend and the size of your shakes in advance so that you pick the best blender for the job. 

Our top portable blender is the Modern Comfort Blender x portable since it excels in power, speed, and portability allowing you to gain the versatility of a counter blender while traveling, leaving you with no excuses for slacking with your nutrition.

Hopefully, you found the perfect portable travel blender for your needs and can now get a step closer to your health goals with one less obstacle to worry about. Tell us in the comments below your favorite blends you like to enjoy while on the go, and maybe it can help somebody else on their journey to better nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

Frequently asked questions

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