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Best Personal Blender

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Belinda Devi , Last updated: December 6, 2020


Classic Fit + GO jar

Auto blending features
Powerful motor for smooth blending
Nutri Ninja

BL482 Personal Blender

Extremely easy to use
High powered motor

Personal blender + Vacuum pump

Vacuum blending technology
Clean BPA-free glass jar

For anyone embarking on their personal health journey, no doubt, you have run into a few obstacles on the way. Discipline with food and cravings is usually the biggest culprit.

We have all been there. When your sweet tooth is screaming for sugar, but being the disciplined individual you are, you decide to buy a healthy organic smoothie, only to be greeted by alarmingly extortionate prices at the nearest trendy smoothie shop.

This is where the personal blender comes in.

Having a high-quality personal blender is like having the new healthy smoothie store open up in your kitchen, but without the crazy prices and long waiting times.

The benefits of personal blending are endless, but with so many options available, it can be hard to pick apart the brilliant smoothie makers from the ones not worth the box they came in.

We have scoured through all the personal blenders available and picked only the best ones available that excel at making smoothies and shakes.

Best Personal Blenders At A Glance:

Top 5 Personal Blenders for smoothies (2020 updated)

1. Blendtec Classic Fit +Go Jar – Editor’s Choice


Power: 1560 watts

Speed: Automatic one touch blending speeds

Jug capacity: 34 ounces

Warranty: 2 year comprehensive warranty

Dimensions: 9.50 x 11.63 x 13.75 inches

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The Blendtec Classic Fit is in our experience one of the best personal blenders for single servings available. The strong during blades and 1560 watts of motor power allows you to get creative with your recipes using anything from frozen fruit to the toughest nuts, and the result is always silky smooth.

The Blendtec’s functionality surpasses most personal blenders, giving you the power to grind grains, heat soups, and crush ice, which provides you with an astonishing range of versatility in the kitchen. So for those who like to mix ice and frozen berries in their morning smoothies, the Blendtec is the perfect personal blender for the job. The Blendtec classic fit blender also comes with two precision pulse buttons, which is excellent for ensuring your smoothies are always smooth.

One of the features that made the Blendtec stand out was the automatic 30-second cycle that allows you to press one button and let the blender work its magic. If the 30-second function isn’t long enough, there is also the added functionality to add 10 seconds to your blend with a simple button press, making the blending experience feel relatively hands-free.

It comes with a handy sip and go lid, allowing you to make your favorite protein shake recipe and get back to living life in the quickest time possible. Plus, the minimal parts which are easy to assemble and dismantle, making cleaning a surprisingly quick experience.


Overall the Blendtec classic fit blender is fantastic for those who want a compact, premium personal blender that’s versatile enough to blend anything from nuts to frozen fruit without a struggle. The high quality, fantastic functionality, and super-powered motor makes the Blendtec classic blend our Editor’s Choice for best personal blender in 2020.

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Why we love it
Auto blending features
High powered motor for smooth blending
Durable blades for ingredient versatility
things to be aware of
Slightly loud when blending at max power

2. Nutri Ninja bl480 – Best value personal blender


Power: 1000w

Speed: IQ technology for auto speed adjustment

Jug capacity: 18 and 24 ounces

Warranty: 1 year warranty

Dimensions: Auto IQ blending technology

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The Nutri-ninja pro BL480 is one of our top picks for best personal blender due to its magnificent balance between size, power and efficiency. It comes with a powerful 1000watts that excels at blending while needing minimal countertop space in your kitchen.

Its slightly heavier than the ninja fit blender at 5.6lbs in comparison to 4.63, but comes with the most settings for increased blending control plus three jugs of different sizes with sip and seal lids.

The powerful motor is used to spin the ninjas four stainless steel “pro extractor blades,” which are strong enough to blend frozen fruit and ice without issues.

The BL480 comes with ninjas “auto IQ” technology, which is a preprogrammed setting that runs through a variety of speeds and pulses to automatically deliver a smooth blend. This is achieved by the blender, sensing how much ingredients are in the jug, then creating blending requirements from that data.

The auto IQ feature may take some getting used to if you are only familiar with single speed blenders. Once you get used to the variety of functions, the control you gain over your smoothies makes blending an enjoyable yet streamlined user experience.

The Ninja blender is very intuitive to use with only four buttons and easy to clean with all dishwasher safe parts. Adding to that, having such a compact size it should easily fit into any kitchen where space is a concern.

The main concern we had was the warranty length at only 1-year. Still, most users reported minimal issues as long as recommended amounts are used when blending. To prevent your smoothie blender from having to work too hard, add a little more liquid to your shakes, which makes blending tough ingredients easier to manage.

Overall the Nutri-Ninja professional is an exceptional value for money blender due to excelling with enough motor power to make the perfect morning smoothie while simultaneously packing an exceptional range of functionality into a sleek and compact package.

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Why we love it
Extremely easy to use
High power motor
Compact blender great for small kitchens
things to be aware of
Slightly noisy at max blending speeds

3. Tribest PBG 5001 – best glass jar personal blender


Power: 500 watts

Speed: Variable speed dial + pulse button

Jug capacity: 16oz and optional 42oz

Warranty:5 years

Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.5 inches

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If chemical-free clean blending is your number one priority, then the Tribest PBG Glass blender is the perfect tool for your smoothie recipes.

The Tribest PBG 5001 is the only blender on our list to come with Stainless steel blades that have 6-prongs angling in different directions makes it ta very versatile blender. Although not the most powerful blender on our list at 500w, the combination of 6 pronged angled blades with variable speed dial, and the power of the motor makes the Tribest an efficient all-round personal blender. So if you like to use your personal blenders to make smoothies or prefer dry blends such as nuts and flour, the PBG 5050 is versatile enough to sufficiently do both, providing you don’t overfill the jars.

The Tribest Comes with three different jar sizes, 24/ 16 and 8. So whether you need a small jar to grind coffee beans or a larger jar for a large strawberry-banana smoothie, the Tribest PBG 5050 tends to cover all bases. Although efficient at blending most ingredients, the Tribest will sometimes struggle when dealing with more than a handful of nuts or large ice cubes.

If you like nuts in your blends, we recommend soaking the day before to soften them up. If you like to add ice to your smoothies, we advise adding slightly more liquid or using smaller ice cubes to save the motor from having to work too hard.

TheTribest blender is brilliant for the health-conscious individual who want to avoid BPA contamination. The reliability of the glass jar and the tightly sealed lids allow for efficient nutrient retention in your smoothies, making it easier to track your numbers. The beneficial vacuum pump allows you to effortlessly seal your juices and smoothies, preserving the nutrients for when you are ready to drink. This is a magnificent addition to a personal blender and one of the main features that make the PBG 5001 one of the best personal blenders available.

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Why we love it
Vacuum blending technology
Clean, BPA-free glass jar blending
Easy to uselending features
things to be aware of
Can be expensive depending on extras

4. Nutribullet Pro – Easiest to use personal blender


Power: 900 watts

Speed: 25000rpm

Jug capacity: 32 ounces

Warranty:1 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 12.01 x 7.72 x 15.94 inches

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Nutribullet is one of the most popular blender brands due to their reputation for great value for money and sleek yet compact designs, and in this case, the Nutribullet NB9 is no different.

It provides 900w of motor power that tends to do a similar job as the 1000w+ large countertop blenders. It can’t reach the finesse of the top 1500w professional kitchen blenders, but for those that love to mix leafy greens in their smoothies or enjoy an almond milk protein shake after training, the NB9 makes the job an effortless experience. The key to getting the most out of this bullet blender is understanding the limitations.

Most blenders will burn out if they don’t have enough power to break down tough ingredients like nuts and carrots. It is always best to be aware of the type of foods and ingredient quantity you plan to blend in advance of picking a blender for your needs.

We found the Nutribullet NB9 perfect for small portions of veg, fruit, and even frozen foods like ice or berries. It’s important to ensure the jug isn’t filled over the maximum markings set out to ensure a smooth result when blending.

The Nutribullet blades come with a patented design that seems to destroy anything you feed it within reason, but the limitation is with the amount of control you have over speed. The blending speed is reasonably quick, but there is only one speed setting. The limited speed variety means foods that putting in too many hard foods can sometimes cause a problem. If ingredients are filled to appropriate levels, then the 900 watt motor will blast through anything you throw at it.

The Nutribullet comes with quite a few extra blending containers, with the biggest being a 32oz jug. It also comes with travel lids that allow you to drink from the same cup after blending so you can take it on the go.

The Nutribullet-NB9 is an excellent little blender that can deal with most ingredients with ease plus has the added benefit of multiple casing colors. This allows you to pick a blender that matches your kitchen decor, making your new personal blender sit comfortably in its new home. The compact size, efficient motor, and quality components make the Nutribullet an excellent personal blender and a great option for nutritious personal servings.

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Why we love it
Easy to use
Great value
Simple to clean
things to be aware of
Limited speed options

5. Modern Comfort Blender x – Best personal blender for travel


Power: 260 watts

Speed: 1 speed automatic blending

Jug capacity: 20 ounces

Warranty:2 year warranty

Dimensions: 10.87 x 10.39 x 7.56 inches

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The ModernComfort Blender X can successfully achieve what the average personal blender can but in a portable package. It has a high enough power output to efficiently create smooth shakes and fruit smoothies without a struggle, making this a brilliant tool for your early morning protein shake or energy juice.

It comes with a 20 oz travel cup, a durable travel bag, and an “on the go” travel lid, making it easy just to blend, mix, and be off to complete the tasks for the day.

The blenders dimensions allow it to work sufficiently as a kitchen blender as well as a portable personal blender making this one of the most versatile portable blenders available.

The Blender X is one of the most powerful rechargeable blenders around at the moment and the only portable travel blender that we are comfortable making smoothies that include ice, and frozen fruits. It comes with an extended 2-year warranty, which adds credibility and reassurance to your purchase.

The ModernComfort portable Blender X is one of the best kitchen appliances for any user who wants a powerful yet portable compact smoothie blender where ingredients aren’t limited to simply powders and soft fruits.


Overall the Modern Comfort Blender X hits it out of the park with its compact size, design and power without the need for wires. The long battery life, versatile blending capabilities, and small dimensions make this the perfect personal blender for traveling.

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Why we love it
Great blender for travelling
Compact size for easy portability
Cordless blending
things to be aware of
Not as powerful as other personal blenders

Personal Blender Buyers Guide

What do we need to look for when picking a high-quality personal blender?


One of the most critical aspects of the best personal blenders is power. The more power, the merrier we usually say since the more power your blender can push out, the easier it will destroy any ingredients you throw in its path. Bare in mind more power usually means a higher noise level when blending, so bare this in mind if you have sound-sensitive housemates or family members.

The average power output of a personal blender ranges from between 400-1000 watts. A larger power output is not typically needed sincepersonal blenders predominantly focus on single serving sizes. Single servings typically use less ingredients per blend which means less overall power is needed to break the ingredients down efficiently. With this in mind, it’s always good to take note of your preferred serving size and the blender’s jug capacity.

Jug & jug size

The average personal blenders will have an average cup size of between 20-30 oz and should come with accessories that allow you to blend and go. Our top choices allow for quick blending and a jug that can be simultaneously used as a cup for drinking. The best ones come with a “sip and go” travel lid making the blending process even quicker.

If you are an individual who tends to make large batches or likes to share with a partner, then choosing a personal blender with a 32oz jug like the Nutri-Ninja pro bl482 is most likely the best option. 

Vegan Agility Tip: Always choose a blender jug that is BPA free to limit the number of harmful effects that can come from plastic. If you want an entirely BPA free blender, check out our best blenders with glass jars.


One of the main features to consider when picking high-quality personal blenders is how simple it is to quickly blend and go. 

Our favorites on the list allow you to blend with the same jug you would be drinking from and just add a lid that will enable you to drink your smoothie on the go. The number of extra blending cups and cup sizes its also something to pay attention to before making a choice.

If you enjoy variety when blending, then picking a blender that comes with multiple cups, cup sizes, or a sports bottle is crucial.

Additional extras like an ice cube tray, recipe book, and chopper attachments can come extremely handy when traveling.

Blades and Speed control

It’s vital for any personal blender is built with durable parts, especially the blades. Stainless steel is the standard, and the durability of the blade coupled with the power of the motor will determine how smooth your smoothies will turn out. 

For ultimate control over the consistency of your ingredients, it’s preferable if your blender has a variety of speed controls since the tougher fruits and vegetables will require more speed for efficient blending.

The best personal blenders will come with preprogrammed settings like the ninja bl482, which allow you just to press a button for your chosen ingredients and let the blender do its thing. Great for when you just want blending to be a stress-free blending experience without constant manual starting and stopping to get the smoothie to become smooth.

Ease of Use & Convenience

When deciding whether a personal blender is right for the job, its ease of use is paramount. There are blenders with a load of unnecessary buttons that just make the blending process confusing. A simple and intuitive front panel is vital. The easiest blenders to use are the single speed blenders since its usually only one button press or pushing down on the top of the blender jug to activate the spin. 

For the more advanced blenders with multiple speed settings, clear layout and labeling were critical factors on how high we rated it. We paid close attention to how easy to use the preprogrammed settings were and picked only ones that didn’t have crucial settings hidden behind a menu within a menu. 

If you are not fussy about your blends and only blend soft things like powders and fruit, then a single speed blender would be the easiest route. The downside to single speed is the lack of blending versatility, which limits ingredient options.

Cleaning up is one of the main things that stops most people from blending in the first place. If your kitchen is going to look like a bomb has hit it after attempting to make your favorite smoothie, then the hassle isn’t worth it, so its pretty important to have a blender that is easy to clean. All of our chosen picks have the ability just to add water, soap and hit the blend button to clean out any ingredients left over easily.

Vegan Agility Tip. Always check whether your chosen blender has a dishwasher safe jug so you can just throw it in with the rest of your dishes and save you time cleaning in the future. 


Warranty is definitely something many buyers forget to check before purchasing. The best personal blenders will hit a sufficient balance between price point, part quality, and warranty length, so if you see an extremely cheap blender make sure to check its warranty length since it may be minimal. The average personal blender tends to have a warranty of between 1-2 years with only the Tribest being the only personal blender with a 5-year warranty, which matches its premium value. 

So keep in mind how hard you expect to push your blender and whether you feel the value to warranty length ratio matches your intended use.

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