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Best Juicer for Pineapple juice

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Belinda Devi , Last updated: November 25, 2020



Exceptional pineapple juice yield
Fantastic warranty length


Self feeding capabilities
Easy to use

Juice fountain cold XL

Fast juicing times
Cold spin technology

Pineapples are one of our favorite fruits for juicing, specifically for the magnificent flavor that pineapples can bring to juices in the morning.

Not only is it delicious, but the nutrient profile for pineapples is brilliant as well. For every one-cup serving of pineapples, you receive 88% of your daily vitamin C as well as providing a substantial amount of vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin K, iron, magnesium copper, and a whopping 67% of your recommended amount of manganese [1].

Studies have shown pineapples to have a multitude of benefits from aiding digestion [2] and being abundant in beneficial antioxidants [3] through to helping to boost the immune system [4] and having cancer-fighting properties [5],[6] pineapples should be sitting comfortably at the top of your supermarket shopping list

best juicer for pineapple

The main issue with juicing pineapples relates to its abstract texture that, if used in an ill-equipped juicer, can lead to constant clogging, and extended juicing time.

To help those trying to extract the most nutrients from pineapples, we have researched and analyzed the best juicers available that excel at pineapple juice extraction.

We will break down exactly what to look for in the best pineapple juicer and answer the most frequently asked questions about juicing pineapples. We will top it all off with our favorite pineapple juice recipes so that you can make the most of your new juicer.

Best juicers for pineapples at a glance:

In-Depth Reviews of the best Pineapple juicers – (2021 updated)

1. Omega VSJ843 – Editor’s Choice


Juicer Type: Vertical Masticating juicer

Power: 110w

Speed: 43rpm

Warranty:15 years

Dimensions: 15.51 x 6.97 x 15.47 inches

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The Omega vsj843 is one of our favorite juicers overall, and our top pick for a vertical masticating slow juicer for pineapples.

Juicer type, power, and speed

When it comes to pineapples and their varied textures, not all masticating juicers can deal with the variations efficiently and sometimes jam. Jamming tends to happen more in budget single-auger horizontal juicers. However, vertical auger systems like the omega vsj843 are a match made in heaven for pineapple juicing, provided you take care to chop the pineapple in advance to make juicing as smooth as possible.

Yield and pulp filtration

The omega vsj43 single auger rotates at a speed of 43 rpm (revolutions per minute), couple this slow speed with a powerful enough motor to provide enough torque and pressure on even the toughest pineapples the end result tends to be a high yield with minimal oxidation, another great benefit of the slow speed and high pressure is the ability to efficiently juice greens without clogging. Leafy vegetables require a slow squeezing process to extract maximal nutrients, so if your favorite juicing recipes are a mix of pineapples and greens, then the omega vsj843 is a wonderful juicer for the job.

Ease of use and clean up

Another important feature of the vertical omega juicer is its ability to self-feed fruits. This means after chopping your pineapple into reasonably sized pieces, you can safely place them into the feed chute, and it will automatically feed through while simultaneously ejecting the pulp. This whole process is completed without you needing to continually push the pineapple down with a tamper like with horizontal juicers.

Size and parts

The vertical aspect of the vsj843 means it doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. Its vertical sizing means and reduced width make it one of the most compact juicers for pineapples, which is brilliant for those with minimal kitchen space

Value and warranty

Overall the vsj843 is our top juicer for juicing pineapples with leafy greens, and with a phenomenal 15-year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with this juicer option.

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Why we love it
Excellent pineapple juice yield
High quality durable juicer
15 year warranty length
things to be aware of
slightly small feed chute

2. Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 – Best juicer for Pineapple and ginger


Juicer Type: Vertical Masticating Juicer

Power: 200w

Speed: 47rpm

Warranty:10 years

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18 inches

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Juicer type, power, and speed  

The Tribest slowstar comes with a 200w motor that can create enough torque to extract a high yield from even the firmest pineapples effectively. The 200w motor powers a duo blade auger that rotates at a low speed of 47 rpm, The slow speed is the perfect way to get maximum nutrient extraction from juicy pineapples with minimal oxidation, and the duo blade aspect means the auger can cut and crush up to twice as much as a single auger in a similar amount of time. 

Yield and pulp filtration 

The chute size sits in the mid-range at 2.5 x 1.5, which is reasonably large. However, we would still advise slicing your pineapple into smaller chunks to avoid overworking the Tribest vertical juicer. 

The Tribest Slowstar comes with an ultem auger and strainer, which helps to ensure effective pulp filtration. (and for those that don’t know “ultem” represents an exceptionally durable form of plastic that is great for juice filtering due to its strength, which makes it brilliant for pineapple juice extraction, especially with the sometimes stringy texture found in pineapples. There is also a very convenient juice cap at the end of the spout that allows you to stop and start the juice flow while juicing. This will enable you to make multiple glasses of juice without causing a mess every time you switch glasses.

The Tribest is one of the most compact juicers on our list, only second to the omega vsj843, making it an excellent option if space is low. For those that like to get creative with their pineapple recipes, you will be pleased to know the Tribest comes with a mincing attachment allowing you to make frozen pineapple sorbets or even sweet salsas.

Value / warranty 

The Tribest is a high-quality juicer with a solid mix of stainless steel and high grade ultem plastic, which represents great value for money and ensures a long life for the juicer. Another great aspect is the lengthy 10-year warranty, which allows you to juice with confidence knowing your purchase is protected for years to come. It falls slightly short of our longest warranty found on the Omega vsj843 but is still a significant leap above the majority of juicers out there.


The Tribest slowstar is our top masticating juicer for juicing pineapple and ginger due to its slow rpm and very high torque that can exert enough pressure to extract a large amount of juice from the unique texture of pineapple without jamming.

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Why we love it
Self feeding capability
Easy to use
Versatile and efficient
things to be aware of
Not the fastest juicer to clean

3. BREVILLE Juice Fountain Cold XL – Best juicer for pineapple and carrots


Juicer type:Centrifugal Juicer


Speed:up to 13000rpm

Warranty:1 year

Dimensions: 13.4 x 13.2 x 17.4 inches

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Juicer type, power, and speed

Pineapples are a complicated fruit for many juicers to juice efficiently. The variations of texture between the skin, flesh, and core are so drastically different that many juicers will jam if not treated right. 

However, the Breville Juice fountain XL can quickly break down any pineapple with ease due to the humongous 1200w motor and titanium blades that spin at speeds up to 13000rpm, giving you extremely quick pineapple juice extraction.

The downside to the super-powered motor and speedy juicing time is a higher chance of nutritional oxidation and a higher chance of froth. Luckily the Breville comes with a froth extractor to lower froth levels during juicing and cold spin technology to help keep temperatures low. It also comes with two different speed functions that allow you to adjust speeds for pineapples and vegetables of varying firmness. 

Yield and pulp filtration 

The power behind the Breville means juicing can sometimes be a bit of a noisy experience, but the primary benefit to this power is that all hard fruits and vegetables can easily be juiced without much hassle or downtime so if pineapple and carrot juice are your thing, then the Breville is an excellent option for your needs. It also comes with a large 70 oz juice jug for making large batches.

Ease of use and clean up 

Being such a powerful juicer, the Breville can handle all hard vegetables that you can throw at it. A potential downside to this huge power is the loudness that sometimes occurs when spinning at its highest speeds. To help suppress the typically loud sounds that come from a powerful motor, the Breville is built with noise reduction technology, which should help stop the neighbors from complaining.

Value / warranty 

The Breville Juice fountain is a mid to high priced juicer and has quality stainless steel and BPA free plastic parts, but a downside is that the warranty is only 1-year. We recommend for anyone considering the Breville to pay attention to the foods that it excels at like pineapples and carrots and to avoid foods that it may struggle with like greens. This way, you have a lower chance of making the Breville run into any issues. 

For those who want peace of mind, you can purchase an extended warranty on your Breville juicer. Alternatively, if slower juicing speeds and longer warranty are priorities, then the Tribest slowstar is a wonderful option.


Overall if speed and efficiency are your primary focus when juicing pineapples, then the Breville juice fountain is an exceptional juicer for your needs, especially if you enjoy mixing your pineapples with carrots or apples.

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Why we love it
Cold spin technology
Fast juicing times
Sleek design
things to be aware of
Not made for leafy greens

4. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Best budget-friendly centrifugal juicer for pineapple


Juicer type:Centrifugal juicer

Power:1100 wats

Speed:15,000 rpm

Warranty:2 years

Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.5 x 9.6 inches

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Juicer type, power, and speed

The Mueller Austria is the go-to pineapple juicer for those taking their first adventure into the world of juicing due to its low price and simple yet effective juicing capabilities. It comes with a 1100w motor that powers a stainless steel blade fast enough to tear through pineapples of all textures with ease. 

Ease of use and clean up 

A great benefit of the simple design found on the Mueller Austria juicer is how quick and easy it is to clean and disassemble. the limited amount of parts means the sometimes stressful cleanup experience found with more complicated juicers is a peaceful and reasonably quick process.

Size and parts

The Mueller Austria is a mid-sized juicer, so it should sit comfortably on most kitchen countertops at a size of 17 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches. Although cheaper than most, Mueller Austria comes with a larger than average feed chute at around 3 inches. The bigger feed chute saves on overall juicing prep time with less chopping needed in advance. The feed chute does allow for the addition of larger fruits and vegetables, however with pineapples, we still advise you to cut your pieces down if you want your juicer to have an easier time and last longer.


The Mueller Austria offers a fantastic value juicer that can efficiently deal with the complexities of pineapple textures without the hefty price tag coupled with a respectable 2-year warranty and quality parts it’s an overall great pineapple juicer that’s easy on the pocket.

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Why we love it
Easily handles hard fruits and vegetables
Quick juice extraction
Great value
things to be aware of
Not great for spinach and kale

best juicer for pineapple

Pineapple juicer Buyers Guide

What qualities do we look for in the perfect pineapple juicer?

Type of juicer and juicer speed

There are really only two juicer types that you need to take notice of to make the best pineapple or turmeric juice.

Masticating juicers

Masticating juicers tend to cause a bit of misunderstanding among buyers because nearly all brands label their juicers as masticating. Masticating typically means to grind or squeeze with teeth.

When juicing pineapple pieces with a masticating machine, it will be ground and squeezed with a slow rotating auger rather than chopped and cut with a fast-spinning blade. This allows for more pineapple juice extraction and less pulp wasted.

The slow speed is crucial to efficient masticated juicing and usually ranges between 45 rpm and 110 rpm. So when you see products marketed as “Slow juicers,” take note that they tend to mean a juicer of the masticating kind.

The slow speed also allows for cooler temperatures, so whenever you see the term cold-pressed juice machine, it’s also relating to a masticating juicer. Low temperatures when juicing pineapple allow for higher nutrient retention since hot temperatures can break down the nutrients in the pineapple root.

The biggest downside is that they are generally more expensive.

Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers use a blade that spins at very high speeds, usually between 10,000 and 13,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) to break down your chosen fruits or vegetable and the pulp is extracted using “centrifugal force” during rotation

This can be effective to some degree with hard foods such as carrots, pineapples or parsnips but for more fragile thinner foods like wheatgrass or uniquely textured root veg like ginger and turmeric, the high speed and sharp blades can potentially waste a lot of produce with suboptimal juice extraction

Take note that if your favorite pineapple juices include any form of leafy greens, then a masticating juicer is the type that you need since centrifugal juicers are not equipped to deal with the thin shapes.

The big plus sides are that they are overall cheaper than a masticating juicer, and you get your pineapple juice much quicker.

Motor & Power

A high power machine is not synonymous with efficient juicing since a power that’s too high can cause nutrient degradation due to excess heat. 

Centrifugal juicers have the highest power typically between 800-1000 watts, and this is used to power stainless steel blades quickly enough to break down fruit and separate the pulp.

Masticating juicers, on the other hand, use a low amount of power in comparison to centrifugal juicers in the range of 100-200w. This sounds relatively minuscule, but due to the slow rotational speed and the pressure applied with the auger, it’s more than enough to extract a very high yield from pineapples.

Although a high powered motor will easily break down any hard vegetable, the downside to the power is a lot more noise when juicing, which can be problematic in the wrong household.

Yield & Pulp extraction


One of the key things to take note of when determining the quality of a juicer is how much actual juice its able to yield from a particular fruit or vegetable

In general, masticating/slow juicers will retain the highest yield since the slow cold-pressed process is able to squeeze out more without wasting produce.

With masticating juicers, you can leave the pineapple skin on since the auger will squeeze nutrients out from the skin and the flesh. A centrifugal juicer requires you to cut the skin off since it will slice the skin into fine pieces, which will end up in your juice, leaving a bitter taste, but if the pineapple is peeled, a centrifugal juicer can still retain a high pineapple juice yield.


Another thing to consider is how Wet or dry the extracted pulp is after juicing. Dry pulp means a significant amount of juice was obtained. Conversely, wet pulp implies a lot of nutrients are still left over. 

 Masticating juicers tend to have more ways to adjust for pulp extraction which can lead to dryer pulp and more pineapple juice as a result

Some masticating juicers will have features that allow for pressure adjustments to maximize pulp filtration and control.

Ease of use

We all want our juicing process to be quick, simple, and no stress, which is why we think it’s important to understand the potential complexities of a juicer before purchasing.

Key things to consider

  • How easy is it to put together and take apart? Are there a lot of overall parts, do they seem delicate or durable and do they fit on easily without you having to google precisely how to piece everything together? Simplicity is key in this regard
  • How big is the feed chute? The larger the feed chute, the less preparation you have to do before getting started. A smaller feed chute requires you to cut your pineapple into smaller pieces for it to all fit.
  • Extra features like adjustable speeds for different food textures, self-feeding chute, and a reverse function are great for an overall smooth and pleasant pineapple juicing experience

Clean up

One of the most time-consuming parts of juicing is the cleanup. If a juicer is difficult to clean, you generally won’t want to juice with it much. For this reason, its vital to be aware of how long it will take to clean up your chosen juicer before you make a purchase.

Main things to consider are:

  • The amount of parts- More parts equals more things to clean. Single auger masticating juicers tend to be the easiest to clean since they have minimal parts and fewer places for things to get stuck
  • Are the parts dishwasher safe? Some parts may need a brush to be cleaned (which will usually come with the product) others can be thrown in the dishwasher providing that the parts are dishwasher safe

Vegan Agility Tip: Always wash or at least rinse out your juicer straight after using it to prevent food from getting stuck to the juicer and making it harder to clean over time.

Size and appearance

Does the juicer require a lot of space?. Some juicers, especially ones with horizontal augers, can be very wide, so taking note of the dimensions before picking is crucial to avoiding annoyance while juicing.

For those with limited space, a vertical juicer may be the best option since they can fit nicely in most kitchen counter corners without edging over the side

Some premium brands come with multiple color options, generally with a few glossy plastic versions and a metallic variant. Finding a color that works well with your kitchen settings can make your juicer fit in with the decor nicely.


The main things to consider when trying to determine value are price, parts, and warranty

You may be able to find a cheap juicer that looks like a brilliant deal, but if the warranty is short and doesn’t cover all product parts, you may spend much more in the long run

Warranties will vary depending on budget

  • the lower range of juicers providing 1-3 years
  • mid-range providing 5-10 years
  • Upper ranges providing 10-15 years

The durability of the parts is critical in our reviewing process and should be the main factor to think about before you purchase. Questions to ask yourself before purchase:

  • Are the parts made of stainless steel or plastic
  • Is the plastic BPA free
  • Are the parts easy to replace if broken

The more stainless steel parts that make up the product, the more durable and long-lasting the product will be. If the juicer comprises of mainly plastic parts, it will tend to be cheaper but may not hold up as well in terms of longevity.

Best pineapple juice combinations 

Frequently asked questions

Feeling inspired?

Why not try out your new pineapple juicer with these delicious vegan pineapple juice recipes!

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