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Best BPA-free Glass Jar blender

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Patricia Garcia , Last updated: December 6, 2020


Pro 1200

Durable boroclass glass jar
10 year warranty

PBG 5001

Vacuum blending technology
Clean plastic-free blending

Reverse crush counterforms

Easy to assemble
Easy to clean glass jar

For anyone that has begun their journey to a healthier lifestyle, you have probably noticed that juicing and blending are all the rage at the moment.

And rightly so.

Blending nutritious smoothies and shakes is one of the most efficient ways to obtain a heap load of nutrients in a quick and tasty beverage, but for those genuinely focussed on maintaining optimum health, you have likely heard of the potential for contamination when using plastic to blend due to exposure to BPA.

As health and nutrition is our focus, we have got your back.
To help you find the best glass blenders and avoid the worry of BPA contamination, we have researched and analyzed the top blenders available, and picked the best of the bunch to help you on your health journey.

best blender with a glass jar

In this article we will show you:

  • Precisely what attributes to look for in an efficient juicer for oranges
  • Provide you with the best five options available
  • And answer the most frequently asked orange juicing questions, empowering you with the knowledge to gain the most nutritional benefits from your juicing endeavors

Read on to to get to the juicy parts!

Best glass blenders at a glance:

Top 5 Best glass jar blenders (2021 updated)

1. Oster Pro 1200 – Editor’s Choice


Power: 1200w

Speed: 7 speeds + 3 pre programmed settings

Jug capacity: up to 24oz

Warranty:10 years

Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.15 x 13.9 inches

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Now the Blendtec classic fit is in our experience one of the best personal blenders for single protein shake servings available. The strong during blades and 1560 watts of motor power allows you to get creative with your recipes using anything from frozen fruit to the toughest nuts, and the result is always silky smooth.

The Blendtec’s functionality surpasses most personal blenders, giving you the power to grind grains, heat soups, and crush ice, which provides you with an astonishing range of versatility in the kitchen. So for those who like to mix ice and frozen berries in their morning smoothies, the Blendtec is the perfect personal blender for the job. The Blendtec classic fit blender also comes with two precision pulse buttons, which is excellent for ensuring your protein shake is as smooth as possible.

One of the features that made the Blendtec stand out was the automatic 30-second cycle that allows you to press one button and let the blender work its magic. If the 30-second function isn’t long enough, there is also the added functionality to add 10 seconds to your blend with a simple button press, making the blending experience feel relatively hands-free.

Glass pitcher

The Oster pro-1200 blender comes with a 42 oz thermal shock glass jar, which can withstand random changes in temperature without cracking. It also comes with a 24 oz cup for portable drinking, but a few users have reported a few leaks from the cup so ensure the lid is secured tightly before traveling with it.

When it comes to fast cleanup, the Oster is good but not the best. It has quite a few parts to remove, so if you want to do a full clean, the process can sometimes take a while. It doesn’t have a self-clean button like the hamilton beach, but all parts are dishwasher safe, so rinsing out and throwing in your dishwasher usually gets the job done. 


The Oster Pro 1200 comes with a 10-year limited warranty, but this only covers the metal drive in the base. The rest of the Oster comes with a 3-year satisfaction guarantee warranty, which, although better than a lot of brands, doesn’t hold up to the Tribest’s 5-year complete warranty.


The Oster pro 1200 blender hits a delicate balance between power efficiency and value that gives it the slight edge over our other favorite, the Tribest PBG. This blender is the optimal choice for users who want a glass blender that isn’t limited by the ingredients it can blend.

As long as you can handle the noise that sometimes comes from the powerful motor, then blending anything from nuts to frozen fruits into your favorite smoothies will be a pleasant experience. The affordable price and extreme versatility that you can obtain while using the osterpro1200 make it our number one pick for the best blender with glass jar.

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Why we love it
Durable boroclass glass jar
10 year warranty
Durable blades for ingredient versatility
things to be aware of
Not the largest glass jar

2. Tribest PBG 5001 – Best Premium glass blender


Power: 500 watts

Speed: Variable speed dial + pulse button

Jug capacity: 16oz and 42oz

Warranty:5 years

Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.5 inches

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The Tribest PBG 5001 the most compact glass blender on our list and one of the easiest to use, with one dial for speed variations and a pulse button at the front of the metallic base giving the blender a simple yet premium feel to it.


It comes with a 500w motor that exerts enough power to sufficiently blend most ingredients. Frozen fruit is easily dealt with, providing enough liquid is in the jar. Nuts can prove to be a struggle, so either soak beforehand or keep the amounts to a minimum. The PBG 5001 has the smallest glass blender base on our list with dimensions of only 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.5 inches, so its an excellent option if you have limited kitchen space.

Blade and blender parts

Some compact blenders have blades fixed to the base, which food can get stuck underneath, becoming hard to remove. The Tribest solves this issue by using removable stainless steel blades, making it extremely easy to clean. The blades are 6-pronged instead of 4-pronged like most, which helps when tackling tougher ingredients.

The Tribest also uses a metal blade connector instead of plastic at the base of the jar, which means the blender can withstand constant usage for longer periods. Plastic connectors tend to wear out and deform much quicker with extensive use, so the quality metal parts of the Tribest are fantastic for those looking for longevity with their blender purchase. 


Another thing that the Tribest excels at is their warranty cover which is longer than most at 5-years, it provides excellent protection for years to come.

Glass pitcher

TheTribest comes with a 42 oz glass jar for bigger batch smoothies and a 24oz jar with a handle, which is brilliant for taking your smoothies around with you after blending. A unique feature of the Tribest is the vacuum blending, which prevents your food from degrading due to oxidation. The vacuum allows your blends to stay fresh for longer, which is perfect for those who prefer to drink their smoothies over a longer period while casually doing other things. 

Bear in mind the vacuum that comes with the Tribest only fits on the 42oz jug. So keeping your smoothie sealed in the larger jar and transferring to the 24oz when you are ready to drink is a viable option.


The TribestPBG 5001 is the most optimal glass blender for those with a heavy focus on nutrient retention. Its the most compact BPA-free glass blender on our list, which makes it great for portability. Plus, it’s the only glass blender with a vacuum to keep your smoothies fresh for longer. The high-quality parts, efficient blending capability, and extended warranty make this the best premium blender with a glass jar.

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Why we love it
Vacuum blending technology
Clean plastic-free blending
Variable speed controls
things to be aware of
Premium price tag

3. Oster Reverse crush counterforms – Best value glass blender


Power: 600-1000 watts

Speed: 7 speed settings

Jug capacity: 6 cups

Warranty:10 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 10.20 x 8.50 x 13.80 inches

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The Oster reverse crush counterforms is the 2nd oster on our list. It’s like the little brother to the pro-1200 with slightly less power at 1000w but still strong enough to deal with most ingredients. If your choice of smoothies involves fruits, crushed ice, and softer vegetables, then the reverse crush forms will be just right for you. Coming in slightly cheaper than its older brother, it may deliver an overall better value option for the users whos needs are less intensive. 

Blade and blender parts

Like the oster pro-1200, the Oster reverse comes with metal blades connected to a metal gearing. A fully metal blade and connector make this great for preventing BPA contamination and also help the blender to last longer since the metal connectors won’t deform over time like plastic. A unique feature of the Oster RCC is the stainless steel blades that move in two directions. The alternative directions help with efficient ingredient breakdown and comes in handy when food items get trapped or jammed. 

The reverse crush tends to slightly struggle when you try to crush large ice cubes or grind tough nuts. So if you want a glass blender that is effective at more than just simple smoothies, then the Oster Pro 1200 may be a better option for you.

Glass Jar

The oster rever crush counterforms comes with a large 48oz glass jar, only 2nd in size to the Braun JB7350. Its grand size makes it brilliant for anyone who regularly feeds multiple people or has an enormous appetite.


Overall the oster reverse crush counterforms is an excellent glass blender at an affordable price range that is excellent for making smoothies, providing you stick with medium to soft ingredients.

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Why we love it
Easy to assemble

Easy to clean
Markings on jar for clear measurements
things to be aware of
Not as versatile as other blenders

4. Hamilton Beach 58148a – best budget-friendly glass blender


Power: 800 watts

Speed: 14 speeds + high and low pulse

Jug capacity: 40oz

Warranty:3 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 14.69 x 6.50 x 8.66 inches

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The hamilton beach is one of the best blenders with glass jar for a budget pick and has the most user reviews out of all our top recommendations.


It comes with a reasonably powerful 800w motor, which, although it’s not the most powerful, it exerts enough to break through fruit, veg, and even ice. For those whose primary blender use is fruit smoothies with crushed ice, the hamilton beach will be of great use to you.

Blade and blender parts

The 585148a comes with uniquely designed blades that Hamilton have dubbed “ice sabre blades.” They are angled at a different degree to most blenders, making them pretty effective at crushing ice, as long as the blender jug is not packed with ingredients.

Alongside the ice sabre blades, they also have a unique way to draw ingredients to the blades through their “wave action system.” This basically creates a mini vortex while blending to pull the ingredients to the bottom continuously. The vortex ensures all ingredients actually hit the blade and don’t leave you with chunks after blending. 

Glass Jar

It comes with a 40-ounce glass container, which is large enough to easily feed 3-4 people and sits in the mid-range relative to the other glass blenders on our list. The glass jar is also dishwasher safe, so cleaning up becomes a pretty simple task. 

The interface of the Hamilton is clean but not the most intuitive. The buttons can feel clunky at times since they are so large, so if sleek & stylish is what you want, you may have to opt for an alternative like the Oster Pro. 

Twelve blending functions are preprogrammed into the hamilton beach blender, ranging from salsa and milkshakes to “icy drinks” and purees, which overall shows impressive versatility for the price. 

Bear in mind there aren’t manual speed options, so for those who like more control over blending results, your options will be limited.


The Hamilton is by far the cheapest glass blender on our list, but the downside to the lower price is the weaker warranty at a length of 3 years. Glass breakage isn’t covered with the Hamilton beach warranty, which is the trade-off for the lower price.

Make sure to weigh up whether you will be pushing this blender to its maximum potential and whether a more expensive blender with a more inclusive warranty would be better for your blending needs.


Overall the Hamilton beach is a sufficiently powerful glass blender designed to provide a healthy BPA free blending environment without the high price point of the premium blender manufacturers. Hamilton is a fantastic choice for getting simple blending tasks done at an affordable price making this the best glass jar blender on a budget.

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Why we love it
Large BPA free glass jar
Very easy to clean
Great value for money
things to be aware of
Slightly lower durability than premium models

5. Braun JB7350 PureMix – Best for large portions


Power: 1000 watts

Speed: 3 speeds

Jug capacity: 56oz

Warranty:2 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 7.70 x 8.00 x 16.30 inches

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The Braun JB7350 is visually one of the best blenders with a glass jar thanks to its sleek design that will complement any modern kitchen.


It comes with 1000 watts of power, which is about average for the countertop glass blender. Typically, blenders with this much power are very loud, but due to the rubber coating that Braun uses as a jar seal, the sound given out is minimal.

Glass pitcher

The JB7350 has by far the biggest glass jar out of our top picks at a massive 56oz, so if creating multiple servings or large portions is your thing, then the Braun is your go-to glass blender. 

One thing to take note of is the lack of extra accessories. A few users felt that since the glass blender jar holds a large amount, it should have extra portable cups. The lack of extras means you should have cups at the ready when dishing out your smoothies. 

Blade and Parts

The stainless steel blades backed up by the 1000 watts of power can blend most ingredients with ease, but take note that the connector from the base to the blades is made of plastic. Although there is minimal interaction with the plastic section, if your focus is minimizing the chance of BPA contamination, then the Tribest PBG 5001 may be a better option.

Braun’s user interface is simple and intuitive with three blending programs (ice crush, chopping, smoothie) and three different speed settings. The simplicity prevents the overwhelming feeling sometimes found with a complex interface and makes blending a streamlined process. The one setback may occur when trying to understand the icons used on the interface. The minimal design requires you to interpret symbols instead of the words which can initially take some getting used to. After the first few uses, it all becomes clear, and in this current era where conversations are expressed through gifs and emojis, it will be self-explanatory for many.

Ease of use

The Braun JPB7350 is relatively easy to clean and allows you to get into tight spots thanks to the capability to remove the blades. Although easy to take apart, it requires more time to clean effectively, so if a speedy clean is your top priority, then the Oster counterforms blender may be a better option since it also has a huge jug at 48oz but is easier to clean due to fewer parts.


Overall the Braun is one of the best blenders with glass for anyone who wants to make large batches of smoothies in one go due to the 56oz jug. The 1000w watt unit powerful enough to deal with most ingredients and not as loud as other glass jar blenders in this power range, making it an excellent glass blender for big families and large households.

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Why we love it
Powerful blending
Durable metal power drive
Easy cleanup
things to be aware of
2 year warranty length

Plastic jars VS Glass jars

At one point, glass was the predominant material used by popular brands. As blending has grown in popularity, the safety issues you can run into while using blenders with glass jars forced many companies to switch to plastic. This was initially the safer option resulting in fewer reports of breakages, but this led to public awareness of contamination through BPA in plastic. 

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used in many products to increase the strength and durability of a product. It can be found in many everyday items from plastic bottles and electronic equipment to canned foods and hygiene products. If it enters the bloodstream, it tends to affect our bodies in a similar way to estrogen, causing changes in our hormone levels

The primary way the chemical can enter our bodies is through digestion, so for the health-conscious among us, its good to pay attention to what materials your blenders jar is made from. 

plastic vs glass blenders

With the rise in public concern over BPA entering our bodies, many companies are now using BPA free plastic to reduce chemical leakage. To make BPA-Free plastic, BPA is replaced with alternative chemicals BPS or BPF (bisphenol S and F), but there is still much debate on whether this stops all contamination and how harmful these chemicals are in the long run. 

For those wanting to avoid potential health risks, a glass jar is an excellent alternative to plastic as long as you stay aware of the limitations.

Pros and Cons of a glass jar

While blenders with glass jars may not be the first option for many blender brands, there are still many significant advantages to using one.

By far, the most significant advantage is that it eliminates any possibility of you digesting the chemical BPA. We all know that the journey to optimal health can have many obstacles. To make that road a little bit easier to navigate, choosing glass over plastic is a simple first step.

Plastic jugs are known to stain with long term use. Blending leafy greens or freshly picked bright red strawberries can leave marks on the plastic over time. This can reduce the overall look of the blender and makes the blender’s age more evident.

A glass jug will last longer than a plastic jar if used for its intended purposes and stay looking premium for most of its lifetime.

We have all had the experience of using plastic containers that partially retain food odors, even after a thorough clean. This occurs due to tiny food remnants seeping into the plastic, but this is a non-factor with glass pitchers.

The main downside to using a glass jar for blending is that they won’t be as powerful since they can potentially shatter or crack with extreme use. The lower power limits the extent of what ingredients you can blend in the glass jar. 

Firm ingredients like kale or frozen fruit need a high amount of power to break down efficiently, so be cautious of the power output relative to the glass jar size. A smaller glass jar won’t need as much power, but a large one will need a lot more. Some companies such as Vitamix don’t even have a glass jar option since, based on their research team, glass doesn’t appear to be suitable for the power that their blenders can exert.

Glass blenders are also not the most optimal for blending a large batch of nuts or creating nut butter since there isn’t usually enough power to blend it smoothly, so choose wisely when deciding what ingredients you will be using.

Glass jar blender Buyers Guide


The two most significant issues with power when blending in a glass jar are having enough watts to effectively make the ingredients smooth, while at the same time not having too much power as to cause the glass to crack. Hence, a blender that finds a great balance between power and jug stability is essential.

Most blenders with glass jars will have lower blending power than the premium plastic countertop blender due to the glass’s fragility. A powerful blender with a glass jar can exert between 600 watts and 1000 watts, with the impressive Oster pro 1200 able to push out a powerful 1200 watts.

Glass material (thermal and shock-resistant glass) Durability 

We know the benefits of choosing glass over plastic, but not all glass material is created equal. You want to look for a glass material that has been thoroughly “Thermal Shock” tested to ensure its durability. 

What is thermal shock resistance? It’s the process of exposing the glass to rapid temperature changes, going from extreme heat (in an oven) to extreme cold (in water), and testing whether the glass cracks. The material is continuously tested at a higher temperature until it finally fails. 

A high-quality glass jar will have a high level of thermal shock resistance and will retain a smooth in texture without internal bubbles. 

Vegan Agility Tip: if you notice any defects in your blenders glass jar, please return the item to be safe with future blending

The last thing to decide before purchasing a glass blender is what foods you will be blending. Making smoothies with leafy greens, crushing ice, or blending nuts may be a struggle, depending on the blender’s power. If choosing to blend harder ingredients regularly, we recommend going for the high speed blenders with glass jars that have a motor power output of 700 watts and above.

Jar capacity

How large is your appetite, and how many people will you be blending for? If your portion sizes are large or you are blending for many people, then a large capacity jar may be required. The main downside to a larger glass jar is that it needs more power to blend all ingredients effectively.

Smaller glass jars tend to have better blending results since they require less power to break down ingredients. 

We always recommend deciding in advance how regularly you will be blending, and in what capacity to find the best balance between size and power.

Blades and blade coupling

The blades are a pivotal piece of the glass blender, and stainless steel is the most optimal material for the highest blending efficiency.

Aside from the stainless steel blades, the other part to factor in is the blade assembly that connects the blades to the blender base. 

Some glass blenders come with a metal connector at the base, such as with the Oster blender. In other blenders, the connector may be made of plastic. The amount of plastic is usually minimal, but it’s something to consider if you want to eliminate any chance of BPA getting into our food. 

Ease and convenience-Strong seal, how easy is it to clean?

We know blending smoothies and other healthy foods is an easy way for us to boost our vitamins and minerals intake, but this can sometimes be a messy process. 

We want a blender that is easy to clean without food getting stuck in the corners of the glass jar to make the cleanup stress-free.

You also want to ensure the glass is dishwasher safe and whether the blade system can be detached for easier cleaning.

How much space the glass blender takes up is another thing to consider before purchasing. If your kitchen space is limited, it’s better to go for a blender with smaller dimensions for convenience.

Vegan Agility tip: Pay attention to the power cord. Some blenders have a compartment to store the power cord, which makes packing it away a breeze plus keeps things safer and more presentable.

Our top-rated glass blenders all came with a nice amount of useable accessories from lids with spouts to portable cups. If you want to use the blender for many tasks, we recommend checking the list of accessories since a glass blender with more extras may save you money in the long run.

Vegan Agility tip: when cleaning up, any blender rinse out within 15 minutes to avoid food getting stuck or hard to cleanout.

Speed controls

When blending, having the power to choose the speed is essential for controlling the texture and consistency of your smoothies. A blender with only one speed setting is like a car that maxes out 50. It can only do so much and knows that it needs to stay in its lane. 

Luckily for us, our research has found that all of the quality glass blenders give you multiple speed options. Being able to choose when to use a lot of speed and when its ok to take it easy on the power output will add to the longevity of your glass blenders motor by not going full throttle for the simple tasks.


Warranty on glass blenders tends to vary with many companies choosing to go for a shorter warranty since glass has a higher potential to become damaged. Pay attention to how long the warranty of your glass blender gives you before purchasing since some of the cheap models may only provide a year. 

In contrast, some of the best options in the glass blending category give a fantastic 10-year warranty, which we were really impressed by.


While glass jars for blenders may not be for everyone, they are still a great option if you want to avoid BPA leakage and are selective with your ingredients. Current technology has improved the amount of power that is safe for a glass jar blender with our editor’s choice of the Oster pro-1200 being able to push out 1200 watts of power. 

The best glass jar blenders will be robust thanks to the improved glass durability that comes from thermal shock resistance testing. They will also eliminate any chance of BPA leakage affecting our food thanks to the blades and connectors being entirely metal. 

The main points to take away before diving in are to: 

  • decide which ingredients you will be blending
  • how big your servings will be
  • and whether a glass blender can provide the power you need

If you try to get the same results as a truly high powered blender, you may wear out the glass blender’s motor quicker than expected. This may also cause inefficient blends, so be cautious of the limitations. 

With all the ins and out of BPA free glass blending covered, you should now have the perfect setup for blending smoothies.

So, what mix of ingredients will you be blending first? Leave a comment below

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