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Best Blender For Protein Shakes

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Patricia Garcia , Last updated: December 6, 2020

Nutri Ninja

BL480 Professional

Auto IQ blending technology
Powerful motor for smooth blending

Classic Fit Blender

Durable blades for smooth protein shakes
Auto Blending Features

Mega Kitchen System

High power motor for lump-free shakes
Easily blend nuts & ice in your shake

Are you tired of consuming grainy, lumpy protein shakes after a workout that won’t become smooth, no matter how hard you shake your bottle?

We all know that protein is integral to a fit and healthy physique, and as vegans, we have no doubt grown tired of people screaming, “where do you get your protein from?”

For the well informed, you already know there is a whole world of protein found in plants, especially if you pick the right high protein vegan foods.

The most significant issue with protein, no matter whether you’re a vegan or meat-eater, is getting adequate amounts at the right time and in the right way. One of the best solutions to protein timing and measurements is to use an appropriate blender to get a smooth, delicious boost of protein exactly when you need it.

best vegan protein powder

For any fitness-focused individual, a great blender ends up becoming your best friend, your laurel to your hardy, your robin to your batman your……. you get the gist 🙂

But how do we pick an adequate partner in crime that won’t let us down on the first protein shake heist with a lumpy powdery shake?

In this article, we will show you:

  • The exact details of what makes a quality blender for protein shakes
  • The top 5 blenders for protein shakes available on the market
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions related to blending protein shakes
  • And give some insightful tips for you to get the most from your new blender.

Read on to find out more!

Best blender for protein shakes at a glance:

Top 5 Blenders for protein shakes (2021 updated)

1. Nutri Ninja Professional BL480 Editor’s Choice


Power: 1000w

Speed: IQ technology for auto speed adjustment

Jug capacity: 18 and 24 ounces

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 15.5 x 6 x 6 inches

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The Nutri ninja pro bl480 topped our list for blenders for protein shakes due to its ability to hit a unique balance between size, power, efficiency, and ease of use. It comes with a surprisingly powerful 1000watts of power, 300 watts more than our runnerup, the Ninja-fit. This amount of power is not usually seen on a blender with dimensions of only 6×6 inches, making this great for anyone with limited space.
The strong motor is used to spin Ninjas 4 stainless steel “pro extractor blades,” which are durable enough to blend ice and nuts into your protein smoothies with ease.

The bl480 comes with ninjas “auto IQ” technology, which is a preprogrammed setting that runs through a variety of speeds and pulses to deliver a smooth protein shake on autopilot. This is achieved by the blender, sensing how much ingredients are in the jug, then creating blending requirements from that data.

The main functions on the bl480 are the ultra blend, pulse button, and start/stop with the ultra blend being the most powerful blender feature. In the majority of cases, the auto functions are sufficient, but if your protein shake contains many fibrous ingredients, then the pulse feature is an excellent way to smooth everything out.

The NutriNinja Bl480 comes with 2 different sized jugs 24 and 18 ounces. This range of jug sizes is perfect for when you are bulking and need those extra calories or when you just want to manage portion size and keep things small with the 18oz travel cup.

The two BPA-free cups all allow for a quick blend and go capabilities since they all come with twist on lids turning your blending jug into a protein sports bottle.

If the range of jug sizes isn’t sufficient for your needs, then the Ninja-professional bl642 would be an excellent alternative since it comes with a sizeable 64oz jug, great for making big batches in one go.

Overall the bl480 is a well designed, intuitive blender that is a joy to use. The four main buttons make blending extremely simple, and since the blender contains dishwasher safe parts cleaning up is a straightforward blending process. 

The Nutri ninja bl480 is our best blender for protein shakes due to its exceptional ability to balance power, functionality, and speed with enough versatility for you to be creative with your protein shake recipes. The powerful motor leaves you with a blender strong enough crush ice and nuts in your shake with enough accessories to keep you on track with your fitness goals for years to come.

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Why we love it
Auto IQ blending technology
Powerful motor
Compact blender great for small kitchens
things to be aware of
24 oz jug limit

2. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender – Best premium blender for shakes


Power: 1560 watts

Speed: Automatic one touch blending speeds

Jug capacity: 34 ounces

Warranty: 2 year comprehensive warranty

Dimensions: 9.50 x 11.63 x 13.75 inches

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Now the Blendtec classic fit is in our experience one of the best personal blenders for single protein shake servings available. The strong during blades and 1560 watts of motor power allows you to mix your favorite protein shakes with anything from frozen fruit to the toughest nuts, and the result is always silky smooth.

The Blendtec’s functionality surpasses most personal blenders, giving you the power to grind grains, heat soups, and crush ice, which provides you with an astonishing range of versatility in the kitchen. So for those who like to add oats, almonds, or ice into their protein shakes, the Blendtec is perfect for the job. The Blendtec classic fit blender also comes with two precision pulse buttons, which is excellent for ensuring your protein shake is as smooth as possible.

One of the things that made the Blendtec stand out was the automatic 30-second cycle that allows you to press one button and let the blender work its magic. If the 30-second function isn’t long enough, there is also the added functionality to add 10 seconds to your blend with a simple button press, making the blending process feel quite hands-free.

It comes with a handy sip and go lid, allowing you to make your favorite protein shake recipe and get back to living life in the quickest time possible. Plus, the minimal parts which are easy to assemble and dismantle, making cleaning a surprisingly quick experience.


Overall the Blendtec classic fit blender is fantastic for those who want a compact, premium blender that can make the smoothest protein shakes while giving you the versatility and control that matches blenders of a much larger price and size. The high quality, fantastic functionality, and super-powered motor makes the Blendtec classic blend our top choice for premium blender for protein shakes. 

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Why we love it
Auto blending features
High powered motor allowing ice and nuts in your shakes
Durable blades for smooth protein shakes
things to be aware of
Slightly loud when blending at max power

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 – Best for large servings


Power: 1500 watts

Speed: 24,000 rpm

Jug capacity: 72 oz

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 9.50 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches

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The Ninja professional bl770 is a powerful blender with an output at 1500 that can finely blend raw vegetables and frozen fruit effortlessly.
The stainless steel blades rotate fast enough to prevent any lumps or air bubbles from occurring when mixing the protein powder. The power is also high enough to add ice to your shakes without overheating the motor.

The Ninja BL770 Come with a BPA free dishwasher safe jug. Not all the blenders at this power range have dishwasher safe jugs, so it was nice to have the option to avoid a manual clean.

It comes with a 72 oz pitcher, 64oz processing bowl and 2 16oz Nutri Ninja cups that allow you to quickly” blend and go.” When it comes to shakes and smoothies with ice, the ninja professional is one of the best on the list.  It also comes with “to go” lids, making it easy to blend and drink from the same cup without causing a mess.

One of the things that makes this blender so easy to use is the pe-programmed auto IQ settings, which can create the perfect protein shakes with the press of a button.  

Take note: The auto functions available will change depending on the size of the blender jug attached, which can be a bit puzzling at first. It may take a few minutes to get your head around the automatic features, but once understood, you will look forward to making your next protein shake.


The motor power of the Ninja professional BL770, coupled with its large 72 oz container and 2 portable blender cups, makes this the best protein shake blender for large batches or multiple people.

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Why we love it
High power motor for smooth shakes
Easily blend nuts and ice in your protein shake
Large blender jugs for multiple servings
things to be aware of
Max power can be a bit noisy

4. Vitamix 5200 professional – Best for blending shakes with nuts and seeds


Power: 1380 watts

Speed: variable speed control up to 37,000rpm

Jug capacity: 64 oz

Warranty: 7 year warranty

Dimensions: 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.50 inches

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Vitamix is touted as one of the best blender brands out there and rightly so since their products are usually of exceptional quality, and the 5200 is no exception. Users tend to agree as well, with the majority of users reporting only positive experiences from their usage.

Its a considerably large blender as are all the big jug blenders but the 5200 takes it in the height department so for those with small spaces or not much countertop space, but that still want a beast of a blender then Blendtec 625 may be a better option with a heigh of only 15 inches instead of the Vitamix 5200.

We found the speed controls that came with the 5200 couple with their solidly built blades were perfect for those of us that wanted total control while blending. The variable speed control gives you the ability to have complete control over the thickness and consistency when you make protein shakes.

The 64 oz jar is excellent for large batches, not the biggest jug in the bunch, but large enough to feed a hungry family. If you are a vegan with a whole football team to feed, then the Blendtec-725 or the Ninja professional may be a better option since they have larger jugs at 90oz and 72 oz, respectively.

The 5200 comes with a convenient cord wrap feature, which reduces the space it already takes up. The self-cleaning option is magnificent, with just a drop of soap and water, press the button, and you are off to the races. The only downside is that the jar and blades are not dishwasher safe, so you may have to use a brush to clean the corners that catch any food. We recommend to rinse out as soon as you finish to avoid letting any food harden and make cleaning a breeze.

Overall the Vitamix 5200 is one of the best blenders for protein shakes with nuts and seeds thanks to its efficient power output and wide range of speed controls. This allows you to mix your protein powder with any ingredients you like without ending up with a lumpy mess. Couple that with an extensive 7-year warranty covering the unit base and motor, you have a tool that can confidently support you on your fitness journey no matter what you like to mix in your shakes.

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Why we love it
High power for versatile protein shake blends
Large jug for big servings
Great overall value
things to be aware of
Premium price tag

5. NutriBullet NBR-1201 – Best Budget Blender For protein shakes


Power: 600 watts

Speed: 20,000 rpm

Jug capacity: up to 24 oz

Warranty:1 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches

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Nutribullet, one of the most popular blender brands due to their relatively good value for money and sleek yet compact designs and the NBR 1201, is no different.

It provides 600w of power that tends to do a similar job as a 1000w large countertop blender. It cant reach the finesse of the top countertop blenders, but for those vegans that love to mix greens in their smoothies or enjoy an almond milk protein shake after training, the NBR-0601 does the job with ease. The key to getting the most out of this blender is understanding the limitations.

Some blenders will burn out the motor if there isn’t enough power to deal with the ingredients inside, so being aware of the ingredients you like to blend daily, and the quantity of how much you will regularly be blending is crucial.

We found this blender perfect for small portions of veg fruit and even frozen things like ice or berries. Making sure the BPA free container doesn’t fill over the markings set out was essential to making sure you had a smooth result after blending.

The Nutribullet blades come with a patented design that seems to destroy anything you feed it within reason, but the limitation is with the amount of control you have over speed. The blade speed is reasonably quick, but there is only one speed option, so Ice cubes that are too large or a cup of nuts that haven’t been soaked can sometimes cause a problem.

One of the most significant benefits of having small blender jugs and a little less power than the rest was that blending was quiet in comparison to the other beasts on this list so for the vegan who lives in an apartment where being quiet is essential, the Nutribullet might just be the right one for you.


The Nutribullet-NBR-0601 falls into the category of exceptional small blenders that can deal easily with most ingredients. Even though the motor power is only 600w, its compact size means the motor doesn’t have to work as hard to blend most foods effectively, so this blender is excellent for anyone focussed on exceptional single servings without the high price tag.

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Why we love it
Compact blender great for small spaces
Sleek design
Durable build
things to be aware of
Only 1 speed option

Buyers Guide for the perfect blender for protein shakes

Benefits of blending protein shakes

Time saver

We all know how long it takes to prepare a healthy meal with the right amount of protein carbs and fats and the feeling you get after a nice meal. It can be time-consuming and energy-draining, but blending shakes is as simple as scoop-mix-blend, and you’re off.


Wit the accessories that come with a lot of blenders you can quickly blend your shake and run to the gym knowing your fully prepared with all the nutrition your muscles will be screaming for after an intense workout

Ability to measure portions

Another significant benefit of blending protein shakes is the ability to accurately measure your protein portions, allowing you to stick to an adequate amount of macronutrients. Everywhere we look these days, we see protein, protein, protein- “do you even protein bro?” 

It is getting a bit out of hand. Protein is essential, but there is a limit on how much we should be consuming daily, and blending protein shakes is a great way to keep track of our numbers.

Price efficiency

A cost-effective way to save money over buying separate shakes after the gym. We all have that friend who joins us in the gym once or twice a month, and every time they finish the workout, they fork out a load of cash for an expensive protein shake. Please don’t be this person. Blending a protein shake can save you quite a chunk in the long run.

The main thing we want our blender to be able to do is make silky smooth lump-free protein shakes without the powder being stuck in the corners of the blender jug. I think we can all agree that scraping protein gunk off the jug’s sides is not very enjoyable, so an easy to clean blender jug is essential.


Key attributes of a Blender for protein shakes 

Motor Power

Protein and power seem synonymous and funnily enough in the case of blenders they are. The number of watts your blender can output will be the key factor to the range of protein shakes you can make with your blender.

The power amount can range from the low 200s to 1000, and above where a low power output blender may only allow you to blend protein shake powder and milk, a high powered beast of a blender will allow you to mix your shakes into smoothies or make a protein blend with ice. So when selecting the best blender for your protein shake needs, always be aware of the ingredients you will regularly be mixing with your protein powder.

If you’re a regular gym-goer who is limited for time, then a low to moderate powered blender with a portable jug will be the best option, but if your someone making shakes for a whole team of exercise addicts then a higher-powered blender with a large stable jug will be the best option.

Blade assembly & blade design

The main aim of the blades when picking a blender for protein shakes is to efficiently blend the powder with your choice of liquids, either milk/water without leaving air bubbles, lumps or unmixed gritty powder …ergh! To achieve our desired texture and smooth consistency, we want hardened stainless steel durable blades that can break down any of the ingredients you choose to add to your blender, especially if you decide to use frozen fruit or ice with your shake.

Blender Jar / Pitcher 

Knowing in advance how much you plan to blend is a critical factor when choosing the best blender for your protein needs. 

If your protein shakes are strictly for yourself, then you may only need a single serving jug or personal blender. Anything more than a single serving will require a blender with a large pitcher. This will give you the flexibility to make multiple servings in one blend and give you space to get creative with a broader range of ingredients. 

Most of us who regularly use protein shakes tend to always be on the go. Hence, a convenient detachable pitcher for your protein shakes is an excellent feature that saves you time on blending and makes cleaning up a simple process.


Another thing to consider when selecting a blender is the material of the blender’s pitcher. There are three materials that you can choose from, plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Plastic is the go-to option for most people since it can handle the most power, making ice, nuts, and frozen fruit safe and easy to blend breeze.

Vegan Agility Tip: Always ensure the plastic used on your blender’s pitcher is BPA free. 

BPA Glass ends up being the second most popular option, especially for those who want to avoid any chance of chemical leakage from BPA. Glass designs are also synonymous with a premium look and feel. The downside to a glass container is that the blenders usually have less power to avoid damaging the glass jar. 

Stainless steel is the least popular option, mainly due to not being able to see inside, but the bonus is you have a super sturdy container to “hide” your secret protein shake recipe. 

Blender speed settings

In our research, we found that the best blenders for making smooth protein shakes had at least three speed controls. The varied speed controls allow you to decide how much power is optimal for the ingredients you want to blend. Blenders that only had one blending speed option may have been good at blending just the protein powder, but when it came down to adding in things like nuts, seeds, or peanut butter, they struggled and sometimes stopped working altogether.

Ease of Use & Convenience

“Clean up in aisle three” is what I tend to imagine hearing after a big blending session, but with the best blenders on our list, cleaning up is as simple as ABC. Tight, secure lids plus well-made jugs that are dishwasher safe make the clean up after a blend, a pleasure and the best ones on our list allow you to mix your protein shake and go with the same blending jug so getting in that protein and carbs in the optimal window after training is easily accomplished

We also want a blender that is easy to put together and put away. No one wants to be tripping over wires and struggling with parts before training since dealing with this would be like a session in and of itself. The best blenders on our list quickly fit together securely and can be taken apart to be cleaned with a few twists. A few of the most thoughtful manufactures make compartments on the blender allowing the wires to fit snug in the base, which we thought was a helpful consideration.


Last but not least, in the hunt for an excellent blender for protein shakes is the warranty. We want a blender with at least three years warranty for us to feel safe with our purchase. Some of the cheaper blenders come only come with a year’s warranty, so take note of how extensively you will be using your blender and whether the warranty is appropriate for the use you expect out of it.


The main things our blender needs to have to create the perfect protein shake is:

  • A reasonable power base of between 500-900w with stainless steel blades. 1000w and above if you’re going to be crushing ice and nuts with your blender
  • A portable BPA-free jug with quick seal lids makes blending shakes speedy and efficient. The ability to blend & go provides the nutrition you need for quick recovery right at your fingertips. 
  • A variety of pitcher sizes is always an excellent bonus.

A blender that hits all these targets coupled with a protein shake with a full amino acid profile will leave you feeling like you can take on the world in no time. Our best blender for protein shakes is the Nutri Ninja pro bl480, since it excels in all the necessary categories to blend the perfect protein shake.

To make the most of your new blender check out our top 9 vegan protein powders to help you stay lean and trim.

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