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Best Blender For Nut Butter

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Vegan Agility Team , Last updated: December 6, 2020


750 Professional

Powerful motor for grinding nuts
Variable speeds for texture control

Mega Kitchen system bl770

Great value blender with durable parts
Large blender jugs for multiple servings

725 + Twister jar

Perfect jar shape for making nut butter
High power output for smoother results

Have you ever wondered how to make the most delicious nut butter that is super smooth and creamy without the ghastly nut chunks and little unwanted bits that can get stuck in your teeth? 

Well we have 

And for those that have already experimented with nut butter creation, you have probably run into the struggle of achieving the perfect nut butter consistency and texture.

We have researched and analyzed a multitude of blenders and picked out the best blender for nut butter to efficiently deal with the complexities of blending nuts. 

Whether you like to make nut butter chunky or smooth, we have sifted through all the best blenders and picked out the most efficient ones to give you full control over your nut recipe creations. 

best blender for nut butter

In this article, you will learn:

  • Exactly what to look for in a quality blender for nuts
  • Which blender is best at making nut butter
  • And answer the most frequently asked questions about blending nuts, giving you the knowledge to make the best choice for your situation.

Read on to find out more!

Best blender for nut butter at a glance:

Top 5 Personal Blenders for smoothies (2020 updated)

1. Vitamix 750 Professional – Editor’s Choice


Power: 1200 watts

Speed: up to 37,000rpm

Jug capacity: 60 ounces

Warranty:7 year warranty

Dimensions: 8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5 inches

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The Vitamix 750 takes our editor’s choice award for best nut blender, thanks to its excellent ability to breakdown even the hardest peanuts into a fine consistency with absolute ease.

The 750 model comes with more horsepower than our second Vitamix the 5200 at 2.2, and the extra oomph the blender can push out ends up being noticeable when doing things like adding seeds and dates to your shakes. The commercial-grade motor, coupled with the high watts, puts the 750 at the top alongside the Blendtec 625 for breaking down hard ingredients.

Some of the best design features were the preprogrammed settings that effectively allow you to press, set, and forget while it blends. This feature is great for the mornings when you are in a rush. There is a pulse button plus five pre-programmed settings for hot soups, purees, frozen desserts, and smoothies, with the last one set for cleaning. Each setting completes its role exceptionally well with pleasant results every time. For the times when the programmed settings arent as effective as you would like there is always the ten manual settings for further control

The low profile 64oz jug is a noticeably great feature that creates enough space for the ingredients to make contact with the blades ensuring no nuts go to waste. 

The self-cleaning option in the Vitamix is another brilliant feature that speeds up cleaning when blending has finished. Plus, the low profile jar makes it incredibly easy to scoop out excess nut butter, which can be a potential struggle in smaller blender jugs. 

With the Vitamix 750 being more powerful than the Vitamix 5200, you would expect it to take up more space in all dimensions. We were surprised to see that it came up smaller with a height of 17.5 but slightly wider, so tended to be easier to pack away. A unique design feature that makes things easier when making nut milk is the raised sections on the jug and lids with calibration to help prevent overflowing.

Overall, the high power output, large low profile BPA-free jug, and excellent pre-programmed settings make the Vitamix 750 our best blender for making nut butter.

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Why we love it
Powerful motor for grinding nut
Variable speeds for chunky or smooth nut butter
Excellent pre-programmed settings
things to be aware of
Extra accessories cost more

2. Ninja BL770 – Best Value Blender for nuts


Power: 1500 watts

Speed: 24,000 rpm

Jug capacity: 72 oz

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 9.50 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches

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The ninja range usually falls in the mid-price range with Vitamix and Blendtec at the premium end, but with the BL770, we feel Ninja has done a brilliant job to bring premium level blending at a mid-range price point making the ninja chef great value for money.


The Ninja BL770 model comes with a titan of a motor at 1500w, only 60w less than the most powerful blender on our list the Blendtec 625. With all this power behind the motor and their patented stainless steel blade design, which is supposed to enhance the probability of ingredients getting in contact with the blades, we found the Ninja was able to make light work of any nuts we threw at it. 


It’s a versatile kitchen appliance in the mid-price range that can double up as a food processor with an added 8 cup food processor bowl. This gives it the ability to make anything from almond butter to your favorite fruit smoothie with nuts and ice cream.

Surprisingly, the ninja chef comes with ten automatic settings and ten manual settings, giving you the most controls and auto features out of all the blenders on the list. 

One of the things that we loved so much about this blender was that it actually had a preprogrammed nut butter setting, which was surprisingly more efficient than we initially thought it would be. 

The BPA-free 72 oz jug is pretty huge only 2nd in our list to the Blendtec 625, which has a jug capacity of 90oz. The ninja jug’s upside is that it is also dishwasher safe, which not all the powerful blenders are. 

Vegan Agility Tip: If you plan to make nut butter or nut milk in large batches, you should soak your choice of nuts overnight to soften them up. Soaking nuts is also very beneficial for your body since soaking will break down the natural inhibitors (phytates and polyphenols) in the nuts’ casing, so a win-win overall.

Ease of use 

One thing to be aware of is that this blender can sometimes get very loud if pushed to max settings, especially if you have added loads of nuts. The bouncing around of nuts on the jug interior, coupled with the mighty motor, means if your walls are thin, you may need to be selective of the times you blend. However, if like us, you enjoy the sound of the motor, knowing that you have a powerful machine in your hands, then the Ninja BL770 is right up your street. 

When it comes to ease of use, we would have to say the BL770 is in the mid-range of the blenders on our list since it has the most amount of settings and speeds, but once you get accustomed to the controls, they actually make blending a whole lot easier. 


With the monstrous 1500w motor, the inbuilt blade system, the huge BPA free jar, and the vast array of automatic and manual settings, the ninja chef BL770 is our first choice for blending nut butter. The Ninja was able to deliver quality blending of nuts equal to the Vitamix 750 with enough settings for you to control the texture and consistency of your nut butter to a very precise degree. This, coupled with the additional recipe book and a tamper for pushing in ingredients, make this our number one value for money nut blender.

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Why we love it
Great value blender with durable parts
High powered motor for grinding nuts
Large blender jugs for multiple servings
things to be aware of
Can sometimes get noisey at max speeds

3. Blendtec Classic Fit +Go Jar – Best premium blender


Power: 1800 watts

Speed: 30,000rpm + smart blending speed control

Jug capacity: 90 oz volume jar with 36 oz blending capacity

Warranty:7 year warranty

Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.00 x 15.50 inches

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Blendtec is one of the premium blender companies alongside Vitamix, which both carry extreme quality and brand recognition with their name. They provide six pre-programmed cycles, a pulse function, and smart blend technology, which are all powered by an amazing 1800w of motor power, which is brilliant for making light work of tough nuts and frozen fruit.


In comparison to some of the other blenders, we felt it gave us a lot of control over the texture and consistency of our nut butter. The blades on this powerful blender are one of the key features that make it so effective for nuts and nut butter. They are purposely built dull, not sharp since its the power and thickness backed by the power of the motor that allows ingredients to get pulverized so easily. 

Ease of use 

The Blendtec stainless steel thicker blade design destroyed any nuts that were brave enough to come into the vicinity of the blades. The blades are also slightly winged, which creates a smoother texture. Whether your preference is peanut butter, walnut butter, or almond butter, the Blendtec 725 dealt with all nut textures impressively.

Another great accessory for the Blendtec blender that helped create the perfect nut butter was the “spoonula” spatula. Its curved shape fits pretty smoothly with the shape of the jug, allowing you to scoop the nut butter out with minimal hassle. The optional twister jar aids in nut butter creation by helping prevent the ingredients from sticking to the container and pushes them back down to the blades. This is an excellent additional feature that makes the experience feel effortless.


Overall, the Blendtec 725 is a phenomenal premium blender for those who want enough power and functions to control the texture and consistency of your nut butters while retaining the ability to make large batches in one go. Couple that with the wide jar to easily extract your nut butter and an eight-year warranty Blendtec takes our top spot for premium nut butter blender.

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Why we love it
Perfect jar shape for creating nut butter
High power output for smooth nut butters
Variable speed options for full texture control
things to be aware of
Premium price tag

4. Vitamix 5200 professional – Best for making nut milk


Power: 1380 watts

Speed: variable speed control up to 37,000rpm

Jug capacity: 64 oz

Warranty:7 year warranty

Dimensions: 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.50 inches

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Vitamix is touted as one of the best blender brands out there and rightly so since their products are usually of exceptional quality, and the 5200 is no exception. Users tend to agree as well, with the majority of users reporting positive experiences from their usage.

The 5200 is a mighty blender at 1380w, not the most powerful on our list but we found that the power in the Vitamix supplied is enough to make blending nuts seem easier than Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting a 1kg dumbbell. 

Its a considerably large blender as are all the big jug blenders, but the 5200 takes it in the height department, so for those with small spaces or minimal countertop space, the Blendtec 625 may be a better option over the Vitamix 5200.

We found the speed controls that came with the 5200 couple with their solidly built blades were perfect for those of us that wanted total control while blending. The variable speed control made making nut butter thick or smooth as simple as a turn of the dial, which makes it great for those of us that are very particular with how we like our food.

The 64 oz jar design is excellent for large batches, not the biggest jug in the bunch, but large enough to feed a hungry family. If your a vegan with a whole football team to feed, then the Blendtec-625 or the Ninja professional may be a better option since they have larger jugs at 90oz and 72 oz, respectively. 

The 5200 comes with a convenient cord wrap feature, which reduces the space it already takes up. The self-cleaning option is brilliant, with just a drop of soap and water, press the button, and the cleanup begins. The only downside is that the jar and blades are not dishwasher safe, so you may have to use a brush to clean the corners that catch any food. We recommend rinsing as soon as you finish blending to avoid letting any food harden, which will make it easy to clean when you are ready.


Overall the Vitamix 5200 is one of the most exceptional blenders for nuts due to its power and versatility. The power is enough to make almond butter with a large enough jug to make multiple batches of nut milk. Add the 7-year warranty to this already sufficient blender, and you have a tool that sets no limitations on your nut blending creativity.

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Why we love it
High power for smooth nut butters
Large jug for big servings
Excellent for creating nut milk
things to be aware of
Can get loud at max speeds

5. Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield – Best budget blender for nut butter


Power: 1500 watts

Speed: 3000-18000rpm

Jug capacity: 32 ounces

Warranty:5 year limited warranty

Dimensions: 7.68 x 17.20 x 11.42 inches

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The hamilton beach brand is promoted as bringing commercial quality performance to your kitchen, and overall it seems to hold this claim with minimal exceptions.

The hamilton beach blender comes with 1500w of power, which is around what we need from our blenders to effectively grind down nuts without burning out the motor or getting stuck. 

The motor is built with airflow as a priority specifically to prevent overheating when pushing out maximum power. One of the things we loved about the hamilton beach and why it had to hold a spot on our list was the shield attachment that comes with it. Most blenders at this power range can be very loud, but the shield that goes over the top of the blender dampens the sound making this the quietest blender on our list. Great for anyone who wants to avoid waking up the neighbors when blending.

It comes with a 32 oz jug which is only half the size of the other powerful blenders on our list, so this isn’t the best to make nut butter with since a large jug is needed to efficiently make nut butter without hassle like the Blendtec 725 which has a 90 oz jug. However, if you only plan to make single-serve small batches, then the hamilton beach blender can do the job. 

The hamilton beach would work best for the user who wants to make nut milk or who like adding almonds cashews and seeds to their shakes or smoothies. 

It comes with four programmed settings where one is for cleaning, which makes the cleaning up process pretty quick. There are also ten manual settings for when the consistency doesn’t turn out how you want when using the automatic features or if your just a control freak and like to know that the end result was all down to you 🙂

The parts are dishwasher safe, which is great for those who want to throw the jug with the rest of the dishes and clean all in one go.

The warranty on the hamilton beach is reasonably high at five years but still the lowest on the list with all other blenders having a warranty of 7-8 years, but overall the parts seemed to feel sturdy with hardly users complaining about mechanical faults.


Overall the hamilton beach is perfect for those who want extreme nut blending power without the sometimes loud noise. The massive jug plus, the jug shield, and moderate cost make this our number one budget blender for making nut butter.

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Why we love it
High power motor for nuts and other hard foods
Quiet blending
5 year warranty
things to be aware of
Not as many preprogrammed setting as other blenders

Nut Butter Blender Buyers Guide

What qualities do we look for in an efficient nut blender


Power is your blender’s best friend for this situation. Without enough power, the blades cannot spin fast enough to break down firm nuts into a fine consistency. Low power results in a nut butter that is inconsistent and lumpy or with a motor that burns out when trying to break down tough ingredients.

The number of watts will determine whether your nut butter is extraordinarily lumpy or smooth & creamy enough to spread on your favorite bread. 

Many blenders are promoted as perfect tools for all ingredients no matter the texture, but this is not the case, especially when harder ingredients like nuts are concerned. 

The power output that provides the best results for nuts and nut butter creation would be between 1200w-1500w. The high power allows you to choose the consistency when you make nut butter and adds versatility to your blending capabilities.

Another thing to consider concerning power is the size of your batches. If you plan to make large batches, your blender will need more power to break down a more significant mass of ingredients. For smaller portions, a blender on the lower power range of 1000-1200w would suffice.


The main aim of the blades when picking a blender for making nut butter is to efficiently break down the nuts without missing bits or leaving large chunks. When making Almond butter and peanut butter, the outer skin can sometimes pose a problem for a blender with inefficient blades.

To avoid having unspreadable chunks of nuts in your butter, you need a blender with blades durable enough to give you control of the end result. 

Hardened stainless steel durable blades are the go-to choice for blade material. These allow you to break the firmest nuts without jamming or missing large pieces, all while retaining control over the desired texture.

Jar & Accessories

The jug size is a crucial aspect to note when choosing a blender for nut butter since the jug size can limit the size of your batches and how long you will have to spend blending if you plan to serve many. 

If you only want to make single servings, then a 32 oz jug will be adequate, but for those with many mouths to feed, a 64 oz jug is recommended. 

For the highest nut blending efficiency, look for a low profile jug, which will allow more ingredients to get to the bottom and hit the blades with ease.


Another thing to consider when selecting a blender is the material that the blenders jug is made from. There are three materials that you can choose from plastic, glass, and stainless steel

BPA-free plastic is the go-to option for most nut blenders since it can handle the most power. The durability of plastic allows it to efficiently deal with nuts bouncing off the interior without having to worry about damaging the jug. 

Glass ends up being the second most popular option for general blenders, but in the case of a blender for nut butter, glass blenders tend to be suboptimal since they usually come with a power output below 1000w. This means there will be limitations on how fine your nut butter will come out with a glass blender. 

Stainless steel jugs are an option but rarely ever used since we all want to see what we are blending and how well it has blended. 

Speed and controls

In our research and analysis, we found that the best blenders for making the best nut butter had at least four speed controls. The most premium options had an additional manual speed control allowing you to manage precisely how you want the nut butter to turn out. Blenders that had lower than four speed controls typically came with a lower power output, which also meant less versatility when blending, limiting your recipe creativity.

Ease of Use & Convenience

Tight, secure lids plus well-made jugs that are dishwasher safe are core components to a mess-free blending session. Secure lids not only prevent mess but ensure you have more nut butter in the end since fewer nuts are wasted. Knowing this makes the final clean up all the more pleasurable, especially when it is quick and easy. 

We also want a blender that is straightforward to put together and put away. No one wants to be tripping over wires and struggling with parts before training since dealing with this would be like a session in and of itself. The best blenders on our list quickly fit together securely and can be taken apart to be cleaned with a few twists. A few of the most thoughtful manufacturers make compartments to allow the wires to fit snug in the base, which we thought was a helpful consideration.


Last but not least is the warranty. Some of the cheaper blenders come with only a one year warranty. This can be ok if you plan to blend predominantly softer ingredients like fruits or powders with the rare nut butter attempt. However, for a good nut butter blender that can handle all hard ingredients, you want a robust, durable blender that will last a long time, so a five-year limited warranty is the minimum you should aim for.

Frequently asked questions

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