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Best Blender for green smoothies

Review and Buyers Guide

Edited by: Vegan Agility Team , Last updated: December 6, 2020


750 Professional

Variable speeds for texture control
Fantastic per-programmed settings

Designer 725 Blender

Automatic speed controls
High powered motor for smooth greens

Mega Kitchen System BL770

Great for breaking down kale
Large BPA-Free jar

Smoothies are a key staple in all healthy diets allowing you to get the benefits of all the fruit and veg that you love in one nutritious serving.

Whether you’re making smoothies to boost your energy in the morning or to provide your body with an optimal amount of nutrients, it’s critical to have the right tools for the job.

The days of manually chopping vegetables until your forearms cramp up are long gone, unless you enjoy the forearm workout you get from slicing fruit and veg. So we have researched and reviewed the best blenders available for all your green smoothies needs, saving you time while also giving your arms a rest.

green smoothie blender

Best blender for green smoothies at a glance:

Top 5 Blenders for green smoothies (2020 updated)

1. Vitamix 750 Professional – Editor’s Choice


Power: 1200 watts

Speed: up to 37,000rpm

Jug capacity: 60 ounces

Warranty:7 year warranty

Dimensions: 8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5 inches

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The Vitamix 750 takes the top spot for a green smoothie blender since it hits a beautiful balance between power, design, versatility, and efficiency.


The Vitamix 750 comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor, 0.2 hp more than our second favorite Vitamix, the 5200) at 2.2. The extra oomph the blender can push out ends up making a noticeable difference when mixing tough ingredients like nuts and seeds with your greens. The commercial-grade motor, coupled with the high watts, puts the 750 at the top alongside the Blendtec 725 for breaking down hard ingredients. 

Blades/speed and control 

One of the best features that we found were the preprogrammed settings that effectively allow you to press, set, and forget while it blends. This feature is great for the mornings when you are in a rush. There are five pre-programmed settings for hot soups, purees, frozen desserts, and making smoothies, with the last one set for cleaning. Each setting completes its role exceptionally well with pleasant results every time. When the programmed settings aren’t as useful, there are always the ten manual settings for further control.

Jug and accessories

The low profile 64oz jug is a great feature, providing sufficient space at the base of the jar for all greens to efficiently make contact with the stainless steel blades. This design aspect helps to prevent chunks of leafy greens ending up in your smoothie and adds to a more enjoyable result.

Ease of use

The self-cleaning option is perfect when finishing blending, giving you the ability to clean the inside with the press of a button. The low profile jar comes in handy for clean up since it makes it easier to brush out any greens that get stuck to the inside. Another useful design feature found on the 750 was the raised sections on the jug and lids that make it easy to determine how much liquid to add to the jar. This feature is brilliant from preventing overflow when mixing, which saves you from having to cleanup unnecessary mess. 


Although slightly less powerful than the Blendtec-725, the Vitamix-750 hits the right balance between power, efficiency, and versatility with the ability to make the most exceptional green smoothies with ease, making it our top recommendation for the best blender for green smoothies.

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Why we love it
Variable speeds for versatile green smoothies

Fantastic pre-programmed settings
7 year warranty
things to be aware of
Can be expensive if on a tight budget

2. Blendtec Designer 725 – Best Premium Blender for green smoothies


Power: 1800 watts

Speed: 30,000rpm + smart blending speed control

Jug capacity: 90 oz volume jar with 36 oz blending capacity

Warranty:7 year warranty

Dimensions: 9.25 x 7 x 15.5 inches

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Blendtec is promoted as one of the top premium blender companies alongside Vitamix, and the 725 Wildside definitely lives up to the name. The Blendtec 725 comes with the most powerful blender for making green smoothies out of all our top picks. At 1800 watts, it can blast through the toughest greens with minimal effort.


It comes with six pre-programmed cycles, a pulse, and six sliders that give you similar controls to a rotational dial. 

In comparison to some of the other blenders, we felt it gave us a lot of control over the texture green smoothies, breaking down even the toughest kale stems with ease. The blades on this beast are one of the key features that make it so effective for all the hard foods we vegans tend to blend, especially greens and frozen fruit.

They are purposely built dull, so greens are effectively smashed rather than cut. The thickness of the blades backed by the power of the motor allows ingredients to get pulverized easily. 

The Blendtec stainless steel thicker forged blades were brilliant for making green smoothies with harder ingredients like carrots or ginger. The blades are also slightly winged, which creates a final result with a smoother texture.

Ease of use

Another great accessory for the Blendtec blender that helped with creating perfect green smoothies was the “spoonula” spatula. Its curved shape fits snug with the shape of the jug, allowing you to efficiently scoop out all green smoothie remnants without making any mess. 

Some users have stated that due to the power on some surfaces, the blender tends to move, so we recommend if choosing this blender to make sure the blender is secure on your chosen surface before starting. 


Overall the Blendtec 725 one of the best blenders for green smoothies in the premium category. With its high power output and huge 90oz BPA-free jar, it’s the best green smoothie blender for families with many mouths to feed or for making multiple servings in one go.

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Why we love it
Highest motor power for greens

100 speed smart blending control
Self cleaning capability
things to be aware of
Can become loud when blending

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 – Best blender for Kale and spinach


Power: 1500 watts

Speed: 24,000 rpm

Jug capacity: 72 oz

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 9.50 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches

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The ninja range usually falls in the mid-price range with Vitamix and Blendtec at the premium end, but with the BL770, we feel Ninja has done a brilliant job to bring premium level blending at a mid-range price point making the ninja chef great value for money.


The BL770 comes with a titan of a motor at 1500w, only slightly fewer watts than the most powerful blender on our list the Blendtec 725. With all this power behind the motor and their patented stainless steel blade design, which is supposed to enhance the probability of ingredients getting in contact with the stainless steel blades, we found the BL770 could liquefy all the kale we threw at it. 


Surprisingly, the ninja chef comes with ten automatic settings and ten manual settings, giving you the most controls and auto features out of all the blenders on the list. 

The automatic settings, coupled with the huge 72 oz BPA free jug, makes it easy for you to make your kale smoothie practically on autopilot.

Overall, the jug is pretty huge, coming a close second to the Blendtec 725, which has a jug capacity of 90 oz. The ninja jug’s upside is that it is also dishwasher safe, making for relatively easy cleanup.

Ease of use 

One thing to be aware of is that this blender can sometimes get very loud if pushed to max settings, especially if you have added loads of a lot of ingredients. When it comes to ease of use, the Ninjachef CT805 takes some getting used to since it has the most speed settings, but once you get accustomed to the controls, they actually make blending a whole lot easier. 


With the monstrous 1500w powerful motor, the inbuilt blade system, the huge BPA free jar, and the vast array of automatic and manual settings, the ninja chef ct805 is our first choice for blending nut butter. The ct805 was able to deliver quality blending, equal to the Vitamix 750, but with that extra power that made tougher greens like kale and cabbage easy to breakdown. This, coupled with the additional recipe book and a tamper for pushing in ingredients, make our top blender for kale smoothies.

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Why we love it
High power for smooth leafy green blends

Large BPA free jar for multiple servings
Durable blender parts
things to be aware of
Can sometimes get noisey at max speeds

4. Cuisinart BCT 2000 – Best Blender For Green Juice


Power: 1500 watts

Speed: 1,500 to 25,000 RPM, Turbo Boost to 30,000

Jug capacity: 64 ounces

Warranty:10 year motor warranty/ 3 year whole unit warranty

Dimensions: 10.05″ x 8.50″ x 17.55

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The Cuisinart CBT 2000, promoted as bringing commercial-grade blending to the home, and in this instance, their claims may be valid.  


The cbt is another super powerful blender on our list, able to push out a 1500w with a peak horsepower of 3.5! This means even the most formidable kale stems can’t stand up to the power of the Cuisinart CBT.

The Cuisinart is one of the few blenders that come with 6-blade prongs, which, when backed up with the 1500watts of power, is seriously able to breakdown anything in its path. 

The manual dial allows you to control the 1500 RPM to a super-fast 25,000RPM, and to top it all off, they give you a “turbo boost” button, which effectively pushes the speed to 30,000 rpm for a short amount of time, the equivalent of a pulse on other blenders. 

You can imagine with this much power, this blender can get very loud, so if noise is a big factor in your blender choice, then the Vitamix 750 may be a better option. 


You get three automatic preset functions with the cbt 2000, ice crush, soup and smoothie and the great thing about the smoothie option is that there are two settings inside this with one being for fruit and the other being strictly for greens which is perfect for those out there that mainly blend greens. 

With the preprogrammed settings, you also have Cuisinart’s “Blendlogix technology,” which basically uses the weight of the ingredients inside to estimate how long to blend for. One feature that makes the Cuisinart standout is that you can manually adjust the preset settings to suit your needs and save them in the memory of the blender, allowing you to obtain the texture and consistency that you enjoy the most. 

Jug and accessories 

The Cuisinart comes with a 64 oz BPA-free jug, which is pretty standard for most powerful green smoothie blenders, but in this case, Cuisinart provides a removable measuring cup, which is actually very helpful when needing accurate amounts of ingredients especially when watching your calories. One drawdown that some users have noticed is that due to the lid being hard plastic and not having a rubber seal, the lid can sometimes become loose, so we recommend never to overload the jug with too many ingredients to prevent the blender from working too hard. 

Take note of how snug the lid will sit on your blender jug as you continue to use it through its lifespan. The Cuisinart does come with a 3-year full warranty and 10-year motor warranty, which can give you peace of mind.

Ease of use 

In terms of ease of use, we found most functions were pretty simple enough since everything stood out and labeled clearly. The hardest thing will most probably be if you choose to adjust the auto function settings. Cleaning is pretty easy with its clean button function, but as we recommend with all blenders, its best to rinse out soon after blending to make cleaning much easier.


Overall the Cuisinart is excellent for those who want commercial power and speed while blending their favorite greens for a lower price than the top brands. Greens will get blasted to smithereens, leaving you with the most luscious green smoothie texture you could want. Couple that with the green smoothie automatic function and a 10 year motor warranty, the Cuisinart makes blending green smoothies a pure joy.

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Why we love it
Simple and clear button interface
Excellent ice crush option
Great warranty length
things to be aware of
Rubber seal on lid can sometimes get loose if not looked after

5. Homgeek Professional Blender – Best Budget-Friendly Blender for Greens


Power: 1450 watts

Speed: 30000rpm

Jug capacity: 68 oz

Warranty:1 year warranty

Dimensions: 7.8 x 7 x 19 inches

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The Homgeek professional is one of the most powerful blenders you can get without breaking the bank.


It comes with a very powerful 1450w motor, not the most powerful blender on our list, but it’s close enough to the other blender behemoths on our list that the discrepancy may be negligible depending on what ingredients you choose to blend. This blender has eight cutting blades, which is more than the majority of blenders on our list, so it makes light work of any greens you feed it, providing you add enough liquid for everything to flow. Unlike the Blendtec blender with the wider jar, which gives more space for ingredients to move, the Homgeek, if overfilled, tends not to make efficient contact with all the ingredients. This is where the pulse feature comes in handy. The pulse on the Homgeek blender is pretty powerful and is necessary most of the time when trying to get a smooth textured smoothie, especially with how stubborn greens can sometimes be. 


There are nine preprogrammed settings that go from dips and nut butter to smoothies and frozen desserts. Even though the auto settings can be helpful, most users found the majority of the time that the manual speed controls, which there are also 9, gave better results than the automatic settings.

Ease of use 

In terms of ease of use, it’s an overall simple blender once you get the hang of all the buttons. The front panel is designed with functionality in mind, clearly showing what each button does, but the number of buttons can be overwhelming for some. If you are looking for a simpler, more user-friendly design, then the Vitamix 750 may be a better choice for you. 

The Homgeek professional is the cheapest blender on our list, and for the amount of power and features it provides, you get a lot for your money. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which can be extended on request but is by far the smallest warranty out of our blenders with the average being seven years. 

The main thing to decide before purchasing is whether the cheaper value is enough to balance out the small warranty. 


The Homegeek professional blender is an exceptional blender for smoothies, especially for those that want the power to efficiently blend leafy greens without the hefty price tag of the more expensive brands, making this a great value for money blender for your green smoothies.

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Why we love it
Excellent power output for tough leafy greens
Self cleaning function
Durable build quality
things to be aware of
Not very compact

Green Smoothie Blender Buyers Guide

Key attributes needed in the perfect blender for green smoothies


If you are a power-hungry health freak, some of these blenders may give you a huge buzz with the energy they can exert. We advise a few deep breaths before turning on the power. A blender’s power output is one of the critical components that will turn your blender into a stud or a dud. A high power output (1000 watts and above) will allow for a silky smooth smoothie session. In contrast, a lower power output (below 500 watts) can potentially cause your blender’s motor to struggle when tackling tough greens. Excessive tough tasks on a repeated basis with low power output will cause your blender to become as useful as cutting a pineapple with a paper-knife. 


A blender’s motor is essentially the heart of our smoothie maker. Like a heart that’s clogged with cholesterol will struggle to pump blood efficiently, a motor that has to deal with tasks it’s unequipped for will struggle, overheat, and potentially burnout. To maintain a healthy motor, we need it to maintain cool temperatures while blending. 

A cool motor allows your blender to run for an optimal amount of time to effectively break down your choice of ingredients and prevent the loss of nutrition through overheating. We can avoid overheating by being careful not to overfill the blender jug with excess ingredients and by matching the power of your blender to ingredient difficulty. The higher the power, the tougher ingredients it can effectively blend. 

The key thing to look out for to judge a motors overall power output is the horsepower. Bear in mind we are looking for average horsepower and 

Vegan Agility Tip: To calculate the real horse power use this formula. (Volts x Amps= Watts) x 0.00134. Example: 100 volts x 10 amps = 1000 watts. 1000 watts x 0.00134 = 1.34 horsepower.

In our tests, anything above 2 Horsepower works very well for green smoothies, but jug size and blade strength also play a factor in how far a blender horsepower can take you.

Blades & Speed

Efficient power output with a cool running motor are the first core components to a quality blender, with the next being the blades. Two things that make an excellent blender blade are the technique used to create the blade and the choice of materials used to make the blade. 

High-grade stainless steel is what we are looking for to liquefy our greens into oblivion so no one could ever tell that greens were added in the first place!. People may assume sharpness is the next key factor but, strength and thickness end up being more vital in the bigger scheme of things since the power of the motor and the speed of the spin are what will allow the strong blade to pulverize any tough and fibrous enemy that gets in its way. The strongest blades are reinforced through a cold forging method when being created, which gives any strong bladed blender the upper-hand over its weaker bladed competitors. 

Vegan Agility Tip: There are generally two types of blender blades, dry and wet. Dry blades blast ingredients apart and upwards while using air for cooling purposes. In contrast, wet blades mix things together, sucking ingredients down, and use water for cooling purposes. To get the best consistency when using your green smoothie blender, wet blades, or a mix of dry and wet is the most optimal option.

Being able to vary the blending speed will give you extensive control over the texture and consistency of your green smoothies. This is especially important when mixing greens alternative ingredients such as fruits and nuts.

Key attributes so far

  • Durable blades 
  • A powerful motor with cooling capabilities
  • Topping these features off with the power to vary speed control is nearly all a green smoothie connoisseur could hope for. 

A few more key attributes to consider…..

Jar (Blender jug)

The two key things to pay attention to when looking at the blender jug are the size and material

Jug size will be critical to how much green smoothies you can make in one go. Knowing whether you plan to blend solely for yourself or for multiple people is a significant factor to consider. 

Blending large portions with a small capacity blender will result in longer blending times to achieve the required result. The extra blends may shorten the lifespan of your blender, bringing your green smoothie journey to an abrupt halt, so appropriate jug size is vital.

Vegan Agility Tip: Decide in advance whether your a solo green ninja or a family of spinach munching warriors before you pick your blender. A solo ninja can save bucks by getting a smaller jug, which requires less power. A family of warriors can save money in the long run by picking a larger pitcher with a more powerful motor that won’t burn out due to overuse.

Try to aim for dishwasher safe jugs to make the blender easy to clean

The jug material is a vital aspect to consider before purchase, and there are three primary materials with different attributes that you should be aware of. 

Plastic, Glass, or Steel?

Plastic and glass are the most popular, mainly because they allow you to see what you are blending clearly. Stainless steel may not be the best material for transparency, but it excels in durability.

Glass pitchers are relatively safe but come with a higher potential for accidents due to the delicate material and are typically more expensive than plastic. Yes, there are scratch proof and supposedly crack proof jugs, but glass is glass at the end of the day, and it will always have a higher chance of breakage than steel or plastic.

Our recommendation for green smoothie aficionados is to go for the plastic BPA Free chemical resistant material. This option gives you the best balance of longevity, value, and safety. BUT If you are a super-secret undercover superhero or just like to make a prominent fashion statement while in the gym, then the stainless steel jars are an excellent alternative option to plastic. The key benefit being no one will ever know what’s in your slick secret stainless steel jug or what has allowed you to smash your fitness goals so easily!

Ease of Use & Convenience

The last things to consider but still of high importance are how easy the blender is to use, and have they made blending a stress-free process. 

Cleaning is one of the biggest tasks to have to deal with in the kitchen, and blending veggies is no exception. This is why the highest rated blenders for green smoothies are the ones that make cleaning an absolute breeze. The top of the range blenders will come with a self-cleaning button, which allows you to simply add warm water and a drop of dish soap, press the cleaning function and let the blender do its thing. You should also make sure that all the parts are dishwasher safe to avoid any cuts, cracks, or breakages on blenders without the self-cleaning option.

Another thing to consider is how easy the blender is to put together and take apart. Does the jug fit snug on the base, and does the lid secure all the ingredients when blending. Does the base have a compartment to store the cables, or do we have to wrap wires around the blender like a spider wrapping up its meal for the night?

Our best blender choices all came with a significant amount of accessories to make blending an easy process. From personal blending cups and a tamper to help push in ingredients, to a variety of jug lids for filtering & blending different ingredients.


Lastly and probably of the highest importance in our convenience rating criteria is the warranty. We do not want to be flying through our green smoothie health journey and have to suddenly stop because a part has broken that is longer covered by the warranty. We recommend choosing a blender that comes with a minimum of 3 years warranty. The best blenders will have at least five years with some companies going the extra mile and giving 8-10 years due to their confidence in their product. 


For the perfect green smoothie, the key things you want to look for are a blender with high power output (above 1000w), a cool motor so as not to overheat and protect ingredients, and a stainless steel cold forged wet blade with a BPA free plastic container. This will give you all the power you need to have the perfect green smoothie daily, helping you get closer to your health and fitness goals in no time. We advise not to go for cheaper models for a task such as blending green smoothies since power is vital to breaking down the tough greens and if you try to save money by getting an inefficient blender you may have to fork out more cash when the blender dies out so saving money for a blender that does the task well will provide better value in the long run.

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