Affiliate Policy

Occasionally on the Vegan Agility website you will find links to buy products from Amazon and other partners. If you click on these links, you’ll find that the URL includes a small extra piece of text which identifies that the click came from our website. This text is an affiliate code, and it means that we get a small percentage of the money you spend if you choose to buy that product, or, in some cases, other products from the site soon after.

These affiliate links help pay the costs of producing our website and ensure that the content is free to you. However, it doesn’t mean that we are in any way indebted to Amazon or any other company. Nor do they or any other company have any influence over editorial coverage, how we rate products, or whether they get a positive review. Although our editorial team are responsible for inserting links into pages, they don’t write about products based on affiliate revenue, and do not personally benefit from doing so.


Please note that our reviews and buying guides are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute professional advice. Please read our disclaimers for further information.

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