Vegan Agility Core Mission

is  Empowering people to become Stronger, Fitter and Healthier versions of themselves through the knowledge and application of sustainable plant based nutrition.

We aim to provide you with all the tools and information you need to feel confident in your food choices while on a vegan diet. Whether it’s a delicious energy packed vegan smoothie or the best high protein vegan meal to make after a workout, we want you  to leave our site with the power to make well informed nutritional decisions on how to take your health & performance to the next level!



We believe that even the smallest changes can make a difference

Whether you choose to cut down on your meat and dairy content by 10% or choose to forego it altogether, any reduction in purchase and consumption can go a long way to creating a restorative change on the planet, boost your chances of reaching a higher level on your fitness journey and keep you at peak performance for longer.

A gradual shift in awareness is necessary for a positive global change to take place. We aim to play our part in creating a long-term environmental impact by providing actionable information around nutrition, that showcases the effects your choices can have on your personal health and your surrounding environment.

Our tribe consists of genuinely passionate individuals who want to make a healthy change for the better

Whether you’re a long term fit vegan who is all for sustainable living or someone who just wants to improve their health by understanding ways they can replace some of their everyday meals with a vegan option, your conscious effort to try and find healthier solutions makes you part of our tribe.

As our tribe grows and more people become aware of alternative options to nutrition the impact we can make as a group will continue to expand which makes us very excited for the future!



Our Promise


Any content we publish is always created with our core mission as the focus keeping our tribe and our home at the forefront of our thinking. Positive changes towards healthier lives and a healthier planet will always be our goal and all information provided towards this will be backed by thorough research and scientific testing allowing you to take action immediately.


All information we provide is always given with health, sustainability and positive environmental change at the forefront with the hopes that quality valuable informational will create long term impacts to the lives of many and the world overall.


We only recommend or support products that we  personally use and provide information in the hopes that our reviews deliver a real benefit to your daily lives

Meet the core vegan agility team

Patricia Garcia

Chief Editor & Part-Time Yoga Instructor

Isabel Stewart

Writer, Nutritionist & Recipe Creator

Darrell Fischer

Chief Writer & Fitness Coach

Belinda Devi

Writer, Editor & Plant Food Lover


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